Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year-End Stuff -

Like I said on Monday -

Before the New Year begins -
I have a bunch of year-end cleaning up to do -

Business stuff -

And blog stuff -

Some posts that I never got around to posting -

So I probably should post this one -

And get on with it -

So I can PLAY some more - ;))

I still have the Business Stuff to do -

But that will have to wait until January - ;))

Here are the posts that I never got around to posting - ;))



I don’t remember whether or not -
I told you guys that BRUCE died -
But I got a new fish -

And I was going to tell you all about him -
But he only lasted a week - ;((

Poor thing died before I had a chance to tell you -
That I had named him SPRUCE -
Because it rhymed with BRUCE -
And because he was BLUE - ;))



I like the “blind-hem stitch” on my Husvarna Lily 555 -

But I have that sewing machine all set up with the walking foot -

And I REALLY don’t like switching out feet -

Every time I want to stitch something -

And because I have all of my sewing machines already set up -

It’s easier for me to just switch to a different sewing machine - ;))

So anyway -

I was trying to find a “match” on SuzieQ -

And I think that I found it - ;))

Hopefully that will make it easier to stitch down -

The letters on my Turkey Day wall hanging -

And the O Happy Christmas one - ;))

But you all know how S-L-O-W I am -

So don’t hold your breath - ;))



I forgot to tell you my “plan” for “wrapping” the scarves - ;))

I had wanted to stuff them inside Mason Jars -
And give them out that way -
But I didn’t get to Walmart until AFTER -
I had given them away -
So that didn’t work - ;))

But it would have been really cool -
Because they FIT really well - ;))

Maybe next year -
If I make some more - ;))



And I was going to tell you about my Christmas baking - ;))

Would you believe that -

My pumpkin loaves didn’t stick to the pan -

The PAN stuck to the loaves?!?!? -

Needless to say -
That batch hit the trash -
Along with the pan -
But not before I showed family and friends - ;))

NONE of us had EVER seen this happen before -
And we have been baking for a LONG time - ;))

I’m thinking that the pan just got old and tired -
I have had it for MANY years -
So it was/is time to replace it anyway -
No big deal - ;))

The next batch I made was pumpkin muffins -
Made in my muffin tins -
With PAPER liners - ;))
(Sorry - no photo)

And the next batch was pumpkin cookies - ;))

And then I made a Cherry Cream Cheese Pie -
Just because it’s pretty -
And it’s RED - ;))

And then I found a new recipe for -

Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole - HERE - ;))

I made it for company -
And they loved it - ;))

Then I had left-over bread and blueberries -
So I made it again last night -
To sit in the refrigerator overnight -

And I tweaked it a bit -

I used a larger casserole dish - 8 x 13 -

I only used one loaf of French Bread -

I doubled the cream cheese/powdered sugar mixture -
And made it “spreadable” with 6 tablespoons of milk -

And I added an extra egg to the egg/milk mixture -
Because I like my French Toast a little “eggier” -

And I was out of blueberries by that time -
So I used store-bought Boysenberry syrup -
To top it off when it was done baking -
YUMMMY!! - ;))


And LAST -



Some bloggers have posted their New Year Resolutions -

Or Words -

Or Phrase -

Or Motto -

Or whatever you want to call it - ;))

I’m not very good at keeping Resolutions -

Good intentions and all of that -

So I don’t bother to make them -

But I think my WORDS for 2015 are going to be -


It’s on one of my favorite Christmas t-shirts -

The lighting makes It look like the shirt is orange -
But it really is a very nice CHRISTMAS RED - ;))

And as long as I’m showing you my favorite Christmas t-shirt -
I may as well show you BOB’s favorite as well -

She wore it to Walmart once -
And got some dirty looks -
So now she only wears it around the house - ;))

If you can’t read it -
It says -



OK - so that’s it -

I’m all caught up for the year -

Except for some Business stuff -

And some Quilt Journal entries -

That will have to wait until next year -

Because right now it’s time to post this one -

So I can PLAY some more - ;))


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Cindy Quilts said...

Happy New Year to you!
I like your idea of 'wrapping' the scarves in the mason jars.
I would love to set up embroidery machine just for embroidery and my other machine just for piecing, but I just don't have the space right now. My son and I argue about who is taking up too much room on the table as it is! :)
I am working on getting rid of the clutter and reorganizing my sewing stuff and space so hopefully I can set up 2 machines and switch between them.
Here's to a healthy, happy and quilty New Year!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Happy New Year!! One of these days I have to post photos of my set up. I have one sewing machine in a special table for FMQ and two on the kitchen table - one on the side and one on the end. The fourth one - SuzieQ is in my sewing room/studio. And it really IS easier to switch between the machines - than it is to change everything for whatever you want to work on - IF you have the room to set them all up - and I am lucky enough to have the room - ;))

Julie Fukuda said...

That is so funny. My un-posted posts are all still in my head ... and no pictures.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Since I posted last I have even more un-posted posts in my head - but I thought that I would get some of the older ones out - because I need the room - ;))


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