Monday, April 27, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 4/27/15

Check out all of us who link up with Judy L. -
At Patchwork Times on Mondays.
We have some awesome stuff on our walls!
Well, THEY do - ME - not so much sometimes - ;))

On my wall today -

Two Old Italian Blocks -

From Anita's book -
Rotary Cutting Evolution -
(c) 2010 - Anita Grossman Solomon - C&T Publishing
- ;))

Last week I cut them on Sunday night and took the photo -
So that I would have something to post on Monday morning - ;))

I was hoping that they would match the Arrowhead block-
That I had already made - ;))

Some readers wished me luck and I told them -

That I would have to get back to them on the whether or not they did -

Because I had not sewn them together yet - ;))

Then Monday got away from me -

And Tuesday -

And Wednesday - ;))

On Thursday I finally got them sewn together -

But the center squares didn't measure the same in both directions -

One was 1/8" shorter than the other - ;((

I didn't have time to figure out why -

And I didn't dare trim them until they matched -

So they sat until Sunday afternoon -

While Friday and Saturday got away from me - ;))

Then I measured the center square in the Arrowhead block -
It was 1/8" short in one direction too!! - ;((

Oh, well - too late to fix that one -
It's already been trimmed -

So on to the Old Italian Blocks - ;))

This time I think I'm going to blame my "cutting" -
Because I don't think my 1/4" changed -
Between the time I sewed the side sections together -
And the time I sewed the side sections to the middle - ;))

AND the instructions say to cut a "scant" measurement -
Which I think that I am going to ignore next time - ;))

Anyway - I re-sewed them -
And re-measured them -
And put them on the wall - ;))

But the true test is whether or not the sides match -
The Arrowhead block -

And they DO - ;))

Unless I turn the Arrowhead block -

To the short side - ;))

And that - boys and girls -

Is why they are called TEST BLOCKS - heehee - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Ha ha. I have a couple of "test" blocks of Old Italian that I think may end up in a backing. (They are not batik.)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Haha - yourself - ;)) I think that backings are PERFECT places for "test" blocks that don't work on the front. These three are going in the box with other "test" blocks that I have done in Christmas fabrics for a "someday - orphan - test block - sampler" quilt. I like the blocks and how they work together - so now I have another Squirrel - and it's all your fault - haha - ;))

Katie M. said...

and that is why you have such gorgeous quilts! you take the time to make it right ... I say "good enough" and put it together :-)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Katie!! - ;)) I really do TRY to get it right - but I am NOT a perfectionist. Sometimes I don't bother to fix anything and say "good enough" and put it together - and then there are times when I remember the old saying - "Why is there always time to do it over - but never enough time to do it right in the first place?" - So I guess it all depends on my mood and whether or not I feel like trying to achieve perfection on any particular day - ;))


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