Saturday, April 4, 2015


Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago -

My iron died - ;((

I did some research -

Tried out a couple of different irons -

And I did a comparison post -

Iron Man I & II & III
July 17, 2012

HERE - ;))

My favorite of the three was -


Continental Electric CP43001 Classic Dry Iron

Well, that one lasted almost THREE years -

Of pretty much constant use - ;))

I left it on ALL day -

While I was sewing -

And because it has NO AUTO SHUT-OFF -



Until I unplugged it at the end of the day - ;))

So one day it was WARM - not HOT -

And I decided that I needed a new one - ;))

I found one on Amazon - HERE -

And - of course - there is FREE SHIPPING -

On orders OVER $35 -

And this is UNDER $35 -

So what is a girl to do?? -

Well, this girl ordered TWO - ;))

I know that I'll want another one -

When this one wears out -

So it will be nice to have one on hand -

When the time comes - ;))

I figure that the cost of the second iron -

Is covered by the shipping cost that I saved -

And it beats paying for ONE iron PLUS shipping -

TWICE - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Margie said...

I am way too cheap to have an iron that stays on all day. Besides I would leave for just a sec and come back three days later. I have to have an automatic off. Good idea for buying two of something you like. They always seem to stop making things that you like.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks for your comment, Margie - ;))

I spend most of my day in my sewing room - so it's part of my daily routine to turn the lights on in the room - plug the iron in - do my thing - unplug it and drape the cord and extension cord over the ironing board - and then turn the lights off when I'm done sewing for the day. I don't like the automatic shut-off feature AT ALL. My automatic shut-off irons always seemed to be OFF when I went to use them - because it took me longer to sew something than whatever the ON time was. It was VERY annoying to reach for the iron to press something and have it OFF all of the time. And since I don't have kids or cats around - it's not going to get knocked over. I can also tell at a glance if it is ON or not - if I can see the cord and extension cord hanging over the ironing board - it's OFF - ;))


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