Monday, September 7, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 9/7/15

Check out all of us who link up with Judy L. -
At Patchwork Times on Mondays.
We have some awesome stuff on our walls!
Well, THEY do - ME - not so much sometimes - ;))

On my wall today -

And a Halloween panel - ;))

I dug out the Batik Placemats -

The Cottage Wall Hanging -

The Purple/Green/Black -

A placemat that wasn't on the list -

A practice piece -

And the No-Waste Windmill (Pungkin Peer Charm Pack) - ;))

That should do for starters - ;))

With the exception of the last one -

They all have the "stitch-in-the-ditch" part done -

So they are ready for some Free-Motion Quilting - ;))

Now I'm going to sound like those annoying radio/TV teasers -

"NEXT UP is blah-blah - BUT FIRST..." -

BOB thinks that there should be nothing between NOW and NEXT -

And often wonders what part of NEXT do they not get?? -

But it DOES seem to apply here - ;))

In my last post I said that I was Switching Gears -

So NEXT UP I want/need to practice my Free-Motion Quilting -

And get some of my projects QUILTED -


I want to finish sewing down the letters on the Turkey Day Wall Hanging -
And get that together -
So that I have another project ready to go - ;))

I think that if I practice my FMQ on some of the smaller stuff -

And then work on some Halloween and Thanksgiving projects -

That I should get better at it -

And hopefully have enough confidence -

To tackle some of my Christmas stuff - ;))

At least that's the plan - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Anonymous said...

Oh I do hope the practice goes well. I could never make my machine behave ... of course it has only two speeds and the on and off button is way over on the right side. No instant stop and start without letting go.
Ever wonder why I work by hand?

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Julie - I hope the practice goes well, too! The on/off button on my machines is over on the right side as well - but the stop and start is controlled by the foot pedal. Does your machine not have a foot pedal? - ;))


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