Thursday, September 10, 2015

In the meantime -

Before I dug out the quilt that I showed you in my last post -

I got the letters done on the Turkey Day Wall Hanging -

And I spent most of a day trying to get my Husqvarna Lily 555 set up for Free-Motion Quilting - :))

What a waste of time!! -

I couldn't seem to get the tension right -

And after breaking several needles -

I finally gave up -

And switched it out for my White Jeans Machine - ;))

Lily is great for machine applique and quilt-in-the ditch -

And the White Jeans Machine was already set up for FMQ -

But I wasn't in the mood to switch out machines -

Even though it was just a matter of taking Lily out of the special table -

And putting the White Jeans Machine in - ;))

Should have done that in the first place!! - ;))

Much better!! - ;))

And as a side note -

I have my own version of a Supreme Slider(TM) -

Because a while back I sewed the dang thing to the quilt -

When it decided to come "un-stuck" from the machine bed - ;))

I probably could/should have taped it down -

But now I use an 18" x 26" - Non-Stick Oven Liner instead - :))

It's much larger (and cheaper) than the Supreme Slider(TM) -

And just as slick/slippery - ;))

I cut out a little hole where the needle goes up and down -

Stuck it to the extension table with removable double-sided tape -

Then used clear mail packing tape to tape down the front and back edges - ;))

Taping it to the extension table -

Allows me to remove the whole thing -

When it comes time to change the bobbin - ;))

Now it's time to practice - practice - practice!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I recently sewed my S Slider to a quilt after having it for two years. Got overconfident. I will try the oven thing. Thanks.

    1. The Supreme Slider(TM) may not have "slipped" if I had taped it down - but it is/was supposed to be "self-sticking". If you try the over liner - let me know how you like it - ;))


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