Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bit by bit -

Last time I showed you some pretty colors - ;))

The other day I got those all cut up to make some practice blocks -

And then I got the first batch sewn together -

With some bits left over -

Which should make a bunch of little hourglass blocks -

Cute, huh? - ;))

The plan is -

To finish making the blocks -

Find some fusible batting -

Find some muslin for the backing -

Get them all together -

Then PLAY!! - ;))

But since BOB's previous attempts to learn how to FMQ -

Didn't work out so well -

I think she may be stalling - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Love the bright colours, I just finished watching a class on Craftsy Quilting with your walking foot ohhhh and loved it, loath FMQ but enjoy using my walking foot might be something to check out, lots of sites if you google it as well for ideas and hints and tips, it beats FMQ hands down in my book :)

    1. Thanks for the info - I usually do quilt my quilts using my walking foot - and I have one machine set up to do just that. My favorite "pattern" is one I saw in a book by Alex Anderson some years back - draw some "organic" chalk lines across the top - stitch those down - then echo them all the way out to the edge - in different directions. It's a great look. And I have also tried FMQ on some smaller pieces - but I need LOTS more practice. BOB says that some hand-eye coordination would probably help, too - ;))

  2. Hey lady! Quit stalling. signed BOB2 (Bossier Old Boy, 2)

    1. OK! - OK! - BOB's working on it - ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  3. Can't stall with all that great color ... Laughed at Gene's comment.

    1. You're right, Julie - I chose the primary colors on purpose - to give me more incentive to PLAY. I think it will be like playing with a new box of crayons - once I get the practice blocks made - and I finished up the second batch just now - so I'm getting there - ;))

      Me, too - I laughed so hard at Gene's comment - he knows me so well - it was PERFECT - just the kick in the pants that BOB needed - ;))


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