Monday, February 29, 2016


Well - maybe not my FIRST Feather -

But at least it's the first one that actually LOOKED like a feather -

And THAT - to me - is worth the WOO HOO!! - ;))

I'll show you in a minute -

But first I want to show you why I'm SO EXCITED!! - ;))

As I may have mentioned before -

I'm what you could call "directionally - challenged" -

Probably from being Left-Handed -

And having to mentally "reverse" stuff all of the time - ;))

Anyway -

When it comes to Feathers -

I can think of FOUR different ways to approach them - ;))

Here's a photo of one of my stencils -
Simply (R) Quilting Stencils by Plaid -
Feather Border #28742 - Design Width: 5-1/2"

Really nice stencil - BUT where do I start? -

Do I -

#1 - Start at the bottom and go to the top and work my way down -
Alternating from one side to the other? -

#2 - Start at the bottom and go to the top and work my way down -
Going down one side and then up the other? -

#3 - Start at the top and go to the bottom and work my way up -
Going up one side and then down the other? -

#4 - Start at the top and go to the bottom and work my way up -
Alternating from one side to the other? -

One book/teacher will show one way -

Another book/teacher will show a different way -

And then I feel like Vinnie Barbarino on "Welcome Back Kotter" -

"I'm SO confused!" - ;))

Yeah - I know - I am REALLY dating myself -
And for those of you who have NO idea what I'm talking about -
You could probably Google it - haha - ;))

Anyway -


TA DAH!! - ;))

And if you want to know where I started -

I'm not telling -

But I WILL tell ya - again -

I'm LOVING this class!! - ;))

EDIT UPDATE - And - just so you know -
I didn't use the stencil to do that feather - I "winged it" - the stencil was just for the "directionally-challenged" demonstration of how confusing feathers have always been for me - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I can't tell which way you went. The picture is kind of small on my screen.

    1. Sorry about that, Gene - you could probably tell if I posted the full-size photo - but I re-size my photos so I don't exceed my available Google storage limit - you'll see for yourself when you take the class - ;))

  2. Woohooo that looks pretty impressive, well done :)

    1. Thanks - YOU can do this - if you can do your gazillion piece foundation-paper-piecing stuff - you can do THIS - ;))

  3. looks good! Did you draw a 'spine' first and put your feathers on the spine or did you let your feathers 'create' the spine? Just curious....

    1. Thanks, Katie - since you asked so nicely - I stitched the spine from top to bottom - then worked my way back up - putting one feather on one side and then another feather on the other side - squishing them to fit the space - ;))

  4. Practice practice and more practice and you will see improvement. A left handed quilter.

    1. Thanks, lady - I agree - it takes LOTS of practice - but it's also LOTS of fun - ;))


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