Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Play day -

After pulling some pretty colors from my thread stash -

I set them aside for a minute - and tried to stitch an Easy Feather that I found on Lori Kennedy's blog - The Inbox Jaunt - HERE - as warm-up practice - ;))

Her version doesn't have a "spine" down the center - so when I got to the top - I tried to stitch one back down to the bottom - just because - but it didn't work out - so next time if I want/need to stitch a "spine" - I'll probably stitch it first - ;))

Then I went back to the Halloween Cheater Panel and changed my mind - instead of stitching in the background areas to make the "black" areas puff up - I decided to stitch inside all of the "black" stuff - the letters - the cats/bats - and the houses/trees. You can't see the stitching in the cats from the front very well -

But you can sort of see from the back - and the back IS black - it just looks gray with the lighting -

The trees came out really cool -

And it gave me some good practice - like trying to color "inside the lines" - ;))

Tomorrow I plan to quilt the borders and may add some more stitching in the "yellow/moon" sections. I don't think the "orange/green/purple" backgrounds need any more quilting because the "black" areas are pretty evenly distributed - and I like the density of what I have so far - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. They say, "Practice makes perfect" and you are on your way!

    1. Thanks, Julie - this "practice" is a lot of fun - and very relaxing - if I remind myself that it's just "practice" - ;))

  2. With the trees, I can really see the "pushed back" effect of the stitching. I really like that!

    1. Thanks, Gene - I figured the black thread would hide my bloopers - and it did - all you see is the texture - not the "oops" stitches - and that's pretty cool - ;))


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