Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quilted and Bound -

No - not the Halloween Churn Dash blocks - at least not yet - ;))

I'm a S-L-O-W P-O-K-E Quilter -

I go at my own pace - no deadline - no stress - just PLAY - and I change what I PLAY with whenever I get bored - so when I got bored with the Drunkard's Path units - I started playing with the Halloween Churn Dash blocks - because I can - ;))

Anyway - before I started to play with the Halloween Churn Dash - I got the Halloween Cheater Panel and the Amish Cheater Panel Pillow/Table Runner both quilted and bound - ;))

The Halloween Cheater Panel actually got bound TWICE -

Once with the skinny little "accent" strip -

But I didn't like it - it was too skinny and messy - and it was the "wrong" black fabric. I had dug out two different pieces of "black" - an older one that I used for the backing on the Halloween Cheater Panel and a newer/darker one that I used for the sashing in the Halloween Sudoku Quilt and the borders in the Amish Cheater Panel Pillow/Table Runner - ;))

I figured that I would save some time and cut the binding for all three at the same time - using the "darker" black. It matched the Amish Cheater Panel Pillow/Table Runner and will look great on the Halloween Sudoku Quilt but the difference in the fabric color was obvious on the Halloween Cheater Panel - so I "un-sewed" it and redid the whole thing with the "correct" black - and while I was at it - I cut a wider "accent" strip - just to see what the difference would be - and to see whether or not I preferred the wider width - ;))

The first time - you can see me following my chalk line -

And - to keep the binding off the floor - I stuck my arm through the roll - until it got a bit twisted. Then I took it off - straightened it out - and looped it around my hand instead - ;))

The afternoon light really shows off the quilting texture -

And the Amish Cheater Panel Pillow/Table Runner started out as a "cheater pillow panel" - then I added some side borders "quilt-as-you-go" style - until it was table runner size. At that point - it looked a little too plain - so I added rows of "decorative" stitches in matching colors - no real plan - just one stitch/row after another. I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out - ;))

Now it's back to the Halloween Churn Dash -

And maybe some more Drunkard's Path units -

When I want to take a break from quilting the Halloween Sudoku and Thanksgiving Sudoku quilts. So far only one is "stitched in the ditch" - the other one is fused/basted. I don't have photos yet - maybe tomorrow - or the next day - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I have a cheater quilt piece that I need to use. I could make a bunch of table runners with it. ;-) But I probably won't for quite a while yet.

    1. Cheater panels are GREAT for practicing FMQ - no seams to worry about!! - LOL - And since I had no real use for another "pillow" I probably could have used it as a center medallion for a wall hanging instead - but I only have so many walls - ;))

  2. You are really polishing up your machine quilting skills! Nice finish.

    1. Thanks, Julie - I am certainly trying. Maybe one of these days my machine quilting skills will be REALLY shiny - LOL - ;))


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