Sunday, December 9, 2012

QJ - Jeopardy II


Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted
Started - 1995
Completed - 1999

Block pattern from "Strips That Sizzle"
By Margaret J. Miller (c) 1992

I had a lot of yellow left from Jeopardy I - here -

So I made the center of Jeopardy II yellow -

I made the blue borders for balance -

And instead of blocks of 1/2-blue and 1/2-yellow-

I made each block from the same color family -

The backing fabric is a fabulous blue, white, and yellow print -

QJ - 1995


  1. I have that book and have never made a thing out of it - I think I have an aversion to strips :-)

    1. You and your strips - they are actually VERY easy and REALLY fun - no matchy-matchy perfect cuts - just sew the dang things to some paper - cut them however - and take the paper off . Sew first - cut later - no thinking - and perfect for scraps - ;))

  2. I like this one! I love yellow to begin with but the backing really tied it all in together. Is it one that lives at your house?

    1. YES - this one lives at my house. It used to hang on the wall in the hallway where my design wall is now - ;))


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