Sunday, December 2, 2012

QJ - Jeopardy I


Machine Pieced
Hand Tied
Started - September 1993
Completed - July 16, 1995

Block pattern from "Strips That Sizzle"
By Margaret J. Miller (c) 1992
That Patchwork Place, Inc.

I used over 30 different fabrics each of blue and yellow -
Inspired by the ”Jeopardy" set on TV - hence the name -
Mind you, this was way before blue and yellow became a popular color combination -
And yellows were VERY hard to find - ;))

I tried to duplicate the pattern on Pg. 84-87 -
Fractured Pansies -
By Wanda S. Hanson - 1991 -
Sandwich, Illinois, 54” x 42”

Substituting blue for purple, but it didn't work -
So it then became my "Blue & Yellow Monster".

After I had cut ALL of the strip sets -
I realized that my diagonal cuts were "backward" -
Instead of going from bottom RIGHT to upper LEFT -
They were going from bottom LEFT to upper RIGHT -
There was no way that I was going to be able to duplicate the pattern -
I had forgotten to compensate for being Left-handed -
And the colors were on the wrong side!!

Rule #1 - Don't Forget that YOU ARE LEFT-HANDED!

It was "in progress" on our dining room wall for over two years -
I kept trying a new variation - the possibilities were endless -
Until I finally decided that it was as good as it was going to get.

Won 1st place at the County Fair in August 1995.

I used the border fabric for the backing -
And the hanging sleeve -

When My Other Half met me at the County Fair - he asked about the "blue thing"-
I pointed to it hanging on the wall over his shoulder -
He turned around and said, "THAT won a blue ribbon? I HATE that thing!"
It hung in our family room for several years - he eventually got used to it - ;))

A couple of years later - January 1997 -
I entered the quilt in local quilt show -
Where they missed the hanging sleeve -
And hung it sideways!! - ;))

QJ - 1995


Julie Fukuda said...

That is so funny! (but the quilt is great)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Julie! - ;))

Linda C said...

Pretty quilt. even if the hubbers didn't quite appreciate it. Maybe he just didn't like seeing it all the time in the dining room OR he really did NOT care for it, period?

I had someone insist that I did not have a hanging sleeve on mine one time too----I said, same fabric as the backing and trust me, it is there! They found it, LOL. It helped that I was there for set up, I guess.

Also when I entered some seasonal pieces--spring, summer, winter-- they asked where "fall" was. UH, NOT made yet, LOL. But they were just sure I must have entered that along with the others. Next show, the fall one WILL be entered. Suppose they will ask there the other three are?

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Probably not - ;)) They may think nothing of it when you enter just one - but when you entered three seasons out of four - they just assumed you were missing the fourth one - like a puzzle missing a piece - ;))

Sleeves - I think they just give it a quick glance - expecting to see a muslin sleeve - and when they don't see one - they assume that there is NO sleeve. I use the same fabric as the backing for my sleeves so that they ARE invisible - so I guess it's my own fault. But I eventually started attaching a slip of paper to the sleeve with a safety pin - I wrote "Sleeve" on it - ;))


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