Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UFO Update

Oh, goody!!  January is over and February is here!!

I like February - February is the month of hearts - I LOVE HEARTS!!

Yesterday I made lots of hearts -

to add to all of my other hearts.

Hearts - hearts - and more hearts.

Because -

I did LOUSY on the UFO Challenge for January!!

We were supposed to work on UFO #6 (Stage 6 Projects) -

Stage 6.  Need Top Construction - Layout - Borders - etc.
  • Citrus Chips
  • B/W/R - Red Cosmo to Stage 5 - 1/18/11
  • B/W/R - Black Stripe
I did manage to move one quilt up the ladder to Stage 5 (Need Back - Sleeve - Binding - Label - etc.) - guess that counts for something. 

B/W/R - Black Stripe made it up onto the design wall.

Citrus Chips didn't make it out of its box.

But I cleared out all six of my Stage 1 Projects -
Stage 1.  Need Story and Photos
  • Space - The New Frontier  Done 1/2/11
  • Big & Bold  Done 1/2/11
  • Serenity  Done 1/2/11
  • Topsy Turvy  Done 1/2/11
  • Springtime - Mystery Quilt  Done 1/2/11
  • Christmas Lights  Done 1/2/11
And I cleared out my Stage 2 Project - 
Stage 2.  Need Label - Heart - Scrap Card - Story and Photos
  • B/W/R Pillowcases (5) Done 1/30/11
    • Labels  Done 1/5/11
    • Heart Done 1/30/11
    • Scrap Card Done 1/24/11
    • Story  Done 1/2/11
    • Photos  Done 12/31/10
and I showed you how I write my stories - make my labels - and my scrap cards.  (I'm working on a step-by-step tutorial to show you how I make my "hearts", too - another post for another day.)

When I made the label I realized that I had to add one more quilt to my Stage 3 (Needs Quilting) list - FMQA - Practice Quilt.
    So my list of 64 UFOs dropped to 57 and then went back up to 58.  Progress??


    Now for February - Judy (Patchwork Times - UFO Challenge) - chose UFO #10.

    For me - that would be Stage 10 Projects -

    Stage 10.  Cut and Needs to be Pieced - Not Started Yet - etc.
    • Hexagon Floral Tablecloth
    • Bali Wonder Blocks
    • Bali Pops - Mint Chip
    • Jungle - Black
    • Jelly Beans

      OH CRAP!!

      Part of me says - I have B/W/R - Black Stripe up on the design wall in the hallway - just waiting to be put together.  It would be a shame to get it that far and not sew it together (and move it up the ladder to Stage 5).

      Another part of me says - I should just drop it.  Put it back in its box and move on to the February challenge.  That's what the challenge is all about - what can you do in a month?  You did what you could - move on.

      And another part of me says - Stage 10 Projects aren't even started yet!!  They are cut - but why have more "partially done" projects - aren't they better just cut and waiting until I want/need another project to piece?

      And another part of me says - you like the piecing part - it would be fun to see how many more you can move up the ladder.  You can always cut some more - it's not like you don't have any fabric or kits or patterns or ideas.

      Another part of me says - do both - work on the Stage 10 Projects and finish up B/W/R - Black Stripe.  Who says I can't do both?  My UFOs - My Rules!!  YAY!!

      Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - and stop talking to myself -


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