Saturday, February 26, 2011

UFO Update

TA DAH!  JELLY BEANS has its borders on!

Isn't that the prettiest border fabric?  I just love it.  (That's why I told you not to judge it before the borders were on.)  You can see the A1 sticker in the top block - I left it there so I hung it on the wall the right way - and will leave it on until I label the top of the top for the long-arm quilter.  Can you see that the white fabric actually has a very light green toile kinda print in it?  It's really faint - sorry - but it is really pretty.

So - now that the top is complete - I have moved this UFO from Stage 10 to Stage 5.  It still needs the back, sleeve, binding, label, etc. - but the TOP IS DONE - YAY! 

I know everyone else in the UFO Challenge has completed their UFO all the way through the binding and label stage - and I congratulate them.  BUT I am also a SLOW POKE QUILTER - and I have the badge to prove it.  ;))

In the next day or two -  I want to show you how I did my borders - when I get it written up and all of the photo links worked out.

I don't know yet what the March UFO # is - and at this point - I don't really care.  ;))  I'm a retired CPA - and I spent over thirty years trying to get something done by a certain date.  Trying to meet a deadline - any kind of deadline - is just not a part of who I am any more.  The RETIRED part doesn't have to do that any more.  I can do what I want to do - when I want to do it - and at my own pace.  I may play along - just for fun - and then again I may not.  We'll see.  Stay tuned.

Besides - part of my new toy came today!  When I get the actual toy - I want to play with it!

Talk to you later - gotta go -


BetsyE said...

Hey! A top done is definitely something done! Nice work!

Kitty said...



Linda_J said...

oh I like the jelly beans---I have found I have a good many about 3 1/2 inch sections left over on some of these strips/strip sets for Popsicle Stix and this might just work for the remainders. Or I could adjust the deal up or down if that is not quite wide enough.

Did Connecting Threads give a pattern source for your pattern?

(I am looking for your B/W/R Red Cosmo hence the comment on an older post)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Yes - CT had the pattern as "Jelly Beans" - with their first Riviera collection - now discontinued. You should be able to do a search on my blog for "JELLY BEANS" - but here's the link you're probably looking for - ;))


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