Thursday, March 24, 2011

BOB went to Target

WARNING - BOB is my alter ego - Bitchy Old Broad.
BOB's adventures are basically rants - some funny - some silly - some stupid - some sad - some just plain bitchy - depending on your point of view.  (If you haven't already - you may want to read my post - Meet BOB.)  If you prefer not to read rants - STOP READING NOW!!

BOB  went to Target one day.  The total came to $9.87.  I did some quick math in my head and figured I would get 13 cents change from a ten-dollar bill.  I don't like pennies - and I don't like dimes even more - so I gave the clerk a ten-dollar bill - and - twelve cents.

She looked at me - she looked at the money I had given her - she looked at the register - she looked back at me - she looked at the money I had given her - she looked at the register - about three times.

I could see that the ten-dollar bill didn't bother her - she had expected that.

It was the twelve cents that she didn't understand.

She started to give it back to me.

BOB told her to "Just key it in."  - so she did.

When it popped up 25 cents - she gasped and said "How did you do that?"

Before BOB could decide whether to explain the arithmetic -

or to say -

that while she (the clerk) had probably slept though math class - I had actually paid attention -

my husband said, "Magic!"


I think this story is sad.  Some people just don't know simple arithmetic or how to make change anymore - and I think that's sad.  If it doesn't show up on the register - they can't figure it out.

I think that's a real shame.  Now if I only knew what to do about it.

Maybe if they taught math in school??? 

But then again - it's probably just me.


mainer said...

Yeah, life happens.

Katie M. said...

Amazing isn't it!? When I managed C-stores I always gave a 'change' test. Many a person flunked and therefore did not get employed. I one ask me what was the big deal - the register would tell them how much change to give - I asked her what she'd do if the power went out while she was in the middle of making change - she walked out of my office!

Katie said...

Okay, so I cam here to see your UFO from Judy's challenge, but kept reading. I laughed OUT LOUD at this. I think most people my age do not know how to make change without a machine telling them what to do - thanks to my mom and her varied games growing up. This probably tops the story of my sis-in-law, daugher to a car mechanic, not being able to identify a crescent wrench... Magic...


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