Thursday, March 31, 2011

UFO Update - 3/31/11

March UFO Update - Judy picked #1 for March - that translated to my Stage 1 Projects - which I did in January -  (check out the UFO-2011 tab above).

So - I just "fiddled" this month.  I love to just "fiddle" sometimes.  It's therapeutic.

My UFO Update at the beginning of the month said -

I did my Stage #1 UFOs in January!  I can do whatever I want this month!

So here is my TO DO LIST for March - (in no particular order) -

1.  Figure out how to make a button for my sidebar - so other lefties can link back to my blog (if they want to).

2.  Work on getting my taxes done.  I've been procrastinating - and, of course, I know better - having been on the other side of the desk for many, many years.

3.  Practice my free-motion quilting (Stage 3) projects.

4.  And play with my new toy.  She came today!!


So - what did I actually get done????

1.  The button for lefties - I basically said screw it!  I found the HTML codes and all - but I still need to set up some sort of Flickr or Photobucket account for the picture - and I just plain don't want to deal with it right now.  I would much rather sew.  So - instead - I made a new page/tab and labeled it Lefties.  (I already know how to make a new Page.)  If you are a Lefty and want to be listed - leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do.  If you want to link back to my blog - just list me in your Blog List - that works just like a button would anyway.

2.  Taxes - yeah - got those done - YAY!

3.  Practice my free-motion quilting (Stage 3) projects - Nope!  They will still be there when I get the urge to tackle them again.  They aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  (Unless Judy picks #3 in the morning!  Wouldn't that be a hoot?) 

4.  And play with my new toy.  Yup!  That I did!  I was going to do a post on my first impressions of her and all of that but then I thought - no free publicity.  There are plenty of blogs out there singing her praises - best thing since sliced bread, etc.  Personally, we have some issues - and I think that she's waaaaaay too expensive - even on sale.  But then again, that's only my opinion, I could be wrong.

Other things I did -

I introduced you all to BOB - my alter ego - Bitchy Old Broad.  She needs a new cell phone - that post will probably be next.  Stay tuned.

I spent a lot of time playing with and organizing my scraps.  That is always FUN!!  I LOVE playing with my fabric - fondling it - sorting it - pressing it - trimming it - folding it.  Sometimes just LOOKING at it is soothing.

Oh, yeah - almost forgot - (Swiss-cheese brain, again, I swear - and it was only a couple of days ago - geeshh!!) - I entered one of my quilts in the Weekly Themed Contest and WON!!  Third time's a charm, I guess.  Mainer-meinca reminded me to enter the St. Patrick's Day Contest - and Noriko's Bea Paw Quilt won! ( I'm too lazy to link all of the links - but if you want to read all about it - just back up a few posts to St. Patrick's Day.)

OK - that's all I can think of right now - I'm just waiting to see what number Judy picks for April.  I'm hoping for #3 - please - please - please!!  Or #7 - I want to work on my Floral Applique, too!!  Of course, I could always work on those along with whatever other number Judy picks!

Yeah, right - like I'm going to get all of that done in one month at my Slow Poke rate!

But, hey, a girl can dream, can't she??

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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I'm a leftie!


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