Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And Before That -

Yesterday I did a review on Blogger’s New Interface -

Which I don't appreciate being crammed down my throat -

And just in case you think that I am an old fuddy-duddy -

Who does not accept change well -

You're right - I AM!!

I have teenage grandchildren -

So - yeah - I am older than most of you -

Especially you guys with toddlers - ;))

And -

YES - I don’t accept change as well as I used to -


You have to realize -

That I have been dealing with computer changes -

Since before most of you were born -

For example -

Right now we have WORD 2010 -

And before that was WORD 2007 -

And before that was WORD 2000 -

And before that was WordPerfect 6.0 -

And before that was WordPerfect 5.1 -

And before that was WordPerfect 5.0 -

And before that was WordPerfect 4.2 -

And before that was WordPerfect 2.20 -

And before that was WordPerfect 1.0 -

Along with WordStar - 7.0 Revision D -

And before that was WordStar 7.0 -

And before that was WordStar 6.0 -

And before that was WordStar 5.5 -

And before that was WordStar 4.0 -

And before that was WordStar 3.0 -

And before that was WordStar 2.26 -

And before that was VolksWriter -

And before that was EasyWriter -

And before that was WANG -

And then there are Laptops -

Desktops - with hard drives -

Desktops - with 3-1/2” floppies -

Desktops - with 5-1/4” floppies -

Winchester drives - with 8” floppies -

And before that -

Pencils and paper -

Typewriters and adding machines - ;))

So - yeah - I have gone through some computer changes -

Some - for no apparent reason -

And I really DON’T mind -

If it makes things better -


I'm just plain getting TIRED -

Of having to spend my time -

RELEARNING the same old stuff -




Because -

Someone somewhere decided to CHANGE it -




I just want to SEW!! ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. ummm... what can I say? :-)
    I have g-kids 2 to 21 and sometimes I have to ask the 9 year old to figure things out for me....I hate to think their brains are more 'techi' but alas, I believe they are....

  2. Katie M. - I don't think that their brains are more "techy" - I think that they just don't know any OTHER way - but alas - I DO - ;))

  3. You forgot cassette tapes for program storage. (That was my first computer - well, my dad's.) :)

    But I hear you. Every time they upgrade something at work it's a struggle to figure out where all the buttons went...

  4. Katie - I also forgot IBM punchcards - and the VERY first computer I ever worked on - punched tape on a HUGE roll that we sent to the bank to PROCESS. The bank's computer took up a WHOLE ROOM - you know - like in the old movies - ;))


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