Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sorta bummed -

I had another post scheduled for today -

But it will have to wait -

I'm sorta bummed -

Because it happened AGAIN -

And I am about to rant -

And may swear a little -

Just warning you - ;))


Remember when I told you that I got annoyed -

Because someone (who shall remain nameless) -

Left me a comment on one of my posts -

Asking for more detailed close-up shots of my applique -

And the detailed close-ups that she was asking for -

Were on the LINKED POST -


Well - it happened AGAIN!


#1 - The other day - I read another blogger's post about "no-reply commenters" with the standard "Change the setting in your profile" solution. I also read through the comments - and one was from a blogger who had a problem similar to the one I had last August. The commenter asked if anyone had a solution - so - being the nice, helpful person that I usually am - I left my comment saying that I had had a similar problem and had written two posts that might help - and supplied the LINKS to both of the posts.

Well - the blog author emailed me thanking me for answering the commenter's question. I emailed her back - you're welcome - and asked if she had read my posts. She answered that she hadn't had the chance - and that there was a difference between blah-blah and blah-blah. I emailed her back - "Didn't think so." It was OBVIOUS that she had NOT read my posts - or she would have known that I KNOW the difference between blah-blah and blah-blah.

So that was #1!!

#2 - Then - I linked up to my usual Thursday link-up like I have been doing for over a month now. I usually post a “teaser” photo and then LINK back to the ORIGINAL post with ALL of the photos - because it WAS the ORIGINAL post with ALL of the photos!! DUH!!

Well - I get a comment from the linky hostess - the one who sponsors the linky party - that she thought it was interesting that the bird was looking away. HUH?? I emailed her that it was supposed to be a side view and that if it looked like he was looking away - that was NOT what I had intended - and asked if she had checked the LINK - because the close-up shots show more detail. She emailed me back that she would check the link after dinner.

SO -


It reminds me of Forrest Gump - "Stupid is as stupid does."

But who is being stupid -

Them or me?

Am I wasting my time trying to help?

Am I wasting my time setting up links?

So - I’m sorta bummed -

And I have to ask myself -

Why in the hell do I even bother linking to stuff that no one bothers to READ??

PEOPLE - I take a LOT of time drafting/editing/linking my posts!!

The LEAST that you CAN do -

And I HATE that phrase because it implies that you ONLY want to do the VERY MINIMUM - BUT - it certainly applies here - because the LEAST that you CAN do -

Is read a post and IGNORE the links -




Because 9 times out of 10 -

The answer to your comment is IN THE LINK -


And - besides -

I think that it is downright RUDE!!

The LEAST that you SHOULD do -

Is read a post AND the damn links -

That's WHY they ARE THERE in the FIRST PLACE!!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Mallorie Anderson said...

Maybe #1 is just not as tech savy as you are and didn't want to admit messing up something simple.

#2 said they would check it after dinner. A little patience could see that link used. It can be alot to check every link for every person in a sew along of any kind.

I think it is rude of them not to check the link if they have a question. I also think that maybe you need to have a little more understanding for the people that don't understand the internet and all the ins and outs that it has. Everyone has a "well crap I knew that!" moment and lots of people don't like to own them if they can help it.
Hopefully, your post will help your viewers to look for your link before they comment, or it could make them scared to comment in the first place if they have a question or in #2's place a comment from thier point-of-view.

I love reading your blog and do understand what you mean about checking the links. I'm not tech savy at all. I can't even figure out how to put a button to link to Leah Day's quilt along on my blog!

Karen M said...

What a disappointing experience. Please don't stop including links and giving detailed answers to others' posts. You have been helpful to me on more than one occasion and I REALLY appreciate it. Yesterday, I was even able to answer a question from a new blogger because of the information you had given to me. I am reminded of a cartoon I have seen with the caption "Don't let the turkeys get you down." I think that applies here.

Katie M. said...

So well said! Some people can't see what is staring them in them face.

Linda said...

Hey now! I had to do a double take to check who was writing this post. You or BOB! haha But Oh how I get it. There must be something in the water some people are drinking recently because I've kinda come to the same conclusion about more than a few people. Just gotta chalk in up I guess and move on.
Yeah I think I'm grabbing my coffee and moving to the patio to listen to the birds sing. They, at least make sense. Have a better Sunday! ;o)

Katie said...

I think maybe BOB snuck over here for a minute! But I do understand. I've not had quite as much trouble as you, but definitely understand where you're coming from. Maybe a lot of people "read" your blog posts by looking at photos? Don't let them get you down. There are too many quilts needing made for that!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Mallorie - You're probably right about #1. But #2 is the linky hostess - she knows more about the internet than I do! If anyone was going to check the link - I would have expected it to be her. But, oh well, whatever - can lead a horse to water - can't make him drink. And I don't want to scare off the commenters - they can ask me any question they want. But before they do - just check first - the answer might be right in front of their face. And thanks for your kind comment about reading my blog. Putting a button on your blog is not that difficult - I may do a tutorial on that one day. Thanks for the idea - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Karen M - Katie M - Linda - Katie -

Thanks! BOB gets out once in a while - gotta go check her cage - ;))

katie z. said...

So, where's the link I should be reading this time? (Just kidding!)

I admit, I am bad about not clicking on all links, but if I have a question, I do try to find the answer myself first... and can totally understand your frustration (even with my toddlers, wink, wink!)

Mego said...

I know you're mad but your rant REALLY made me laugh! Just yesterday I was having a political discussion on line and everytime I said something he would come back with CITE YOUR FACTS. So I would reply, CITE and continue discussion. Then all of a sudden I rec'd a hateful, vile reply with all sorts of accusations about my gender, sexual identity, etc. etc. Of course, I wanted to rip his stupid head off or at the very least ask if he had READ the links or were we have a 'believe' argument BUT I just deleted the whole mess, got off my computer and sewed...really really fast as I was mumbling what a moron (that's one of the nice words) he was...and then this morning I get an email that he was SORRY and had just finished reading the links and he had been wrong...amazing...


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