Friday, April 27, 2012

Brief Tutorial - COPY and PASTE

For my tech-savvy readers -

Check out these sites -


For my not so techy readers -

And because a couple of my readers emailed me with questions -

Today I want to do a quick lesson on COPY AND PASTE -

I was going to include a brief tutorial on some very basic HTML code -

But this post got waaaaaaaaaaay too long -

So tomorrow will be the bit on HTML code - ;))

I am by no means an expert -

But I do know SOME things -

And am more than willing to share -

So -

First we need to CREATE A NEW POST -
We’ll call it “TESTING 1-2-3” -
Clever title - don’t you think? ;))

If you are not sure how to do that with the new BLOGGER INTERFACE -
Check out Quilter BOB for a quick trip around the new BLOGGER INTERFACE -

And step-by-step instructions for creating our “TESTING 1-2-3” post - ;))

In the text area -

Hit ENTER three times -

Then type - (in caps) -
BOLD - then hit ENTER twice -
ITALICS - then hit ENTER twice -
UNDERLINE - then hit ENTER twice -

Then - go back to the top -
“LEFT CLICK” on SAVE first -
Then PREVIEW - to see what you have -
Then CLOSE the PREVIEW tab at the top of the screen -

That should take you back to the POSTS page -

Find the post that you named TESTING 1-2-3 -

Hover your mouse over the name until it shows an UNDERLINE -
Then “LEFT CLICK” on it -
Or the EDIT below the post title - if you can see it - ;))

I don't know if you write your posts in HTML or COMPOSE -
But for this session - let's try HTML - just for fun -
So “LEFT CLICK” on the tab in the top left corner that says HTML -

Where you hit the ENTER key three times -
If you don't see anything but white space - that's good -
BUT if you see a bunch of "br" with brackets - that’s HTML code -
BR means “Line BReak”

Go to the right side under POST SETTINGS and find OPTIONS at the bottom -
“LEFT CLICK” on that -
Then at the bottom under COMPOSE MODE -
“LEFT CLICK” in the bubble that says INTERPRET TYPED HTML -
And under LINE BREAKS -
“LEFT CLICK” in the bubble that says "Press ENTER for line breaks" -
Then “LEFT CLICK” in the “Done” box -
That should clean up the screen a bit - ;))

Anyway - now we can use this POST -
For a quick lesson on COPY and PASTE -

PLEASE notice that I said COPY - NOT - CUT -

If I CUT something -

I usually NEVER see it again - ;))

So anyway -

This is How I Do It - ;))

“LEFT CLICK” in the big white space in the middle of the post box -
To find your cursor - looks like a giant capital I - ;))

Move your mouse to the ADDRESS BOX at the top -
So that the cursor cross bar - is somewhere in the MIDDLE of the ADDRESS -
Then “LEFT CLICK” - the whole address should turn BLUE -
Then "RIGHT CLICK" somewhere in the middle of the BLUE area -
A little box should show with a bunch of choices -
“LEFT CLICK” on the word COPY - to choose it -
Then “LEFT CLICK” in your post box -
(Or wherever you want to go - wherever it is that you want to PASTE what you have just COPIED) - to put the cursor there -
"RIGHT CLICK" to get the little box again -
“LEFT CLICK” on the word PASTE -

You should have a copy of the address in the text box - ;))

If the blue turns to white before you are done -
just “LEFT CLICK” in some WHITE SPACE somewhere to “clear it” and try it again -
(WHITE SPACE is any white/blank area where you will NOT actually DO something - ;))

If you are trying to COPY something else -
Put your cursor/mouse at the beginning of "it" -
And “LEFT CLICK” to "anchor" your cursor - then - holding down the LEFT BUTTON -
"drag" your cursor/mouse over the "it" you are trying to copy -
It should all turn BLUE - (be HIGHLIGHTED in blue) -
When you get to the end of "it" - release the left button -
If you miss a letter or two - just start over -
When "it" is HIGHLIGHTED in blue -
Move your cursor to somewhere in the MIDDLE of "it" -
"RIGHT CLICK" - choose COPY - then PASTE like I explained above.

Try to COPY the line that says “UNDERLINE” - just for fun - ;))

Faster than trying to write it down and re-type it back in the link - huh? ;))

Tomorrow we can play with a bit of code -

But for now -

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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