Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dead Iron

Aw man!!

I KNEW the day would come -


But why NOW?!?!?

Yesterday -

My iron died - ;((

I LOVED my iron -



She had the cord coming from the middle of her back -

That made her LEFT-HANDED to me. ;))

She looked OK in the morning -

And she pressed a whole big length of fabric -

Before I had to fill her up again -

Then -

She started to LEAK -

BIG splotches -

ALL over -

She NEVER leaked -

WHAT was WRONG with her? -

I took a look -

She had a HOLE -

In her bottom!

How did THAT happen?

I didn't drop her -

There was no little piece of plastic -

On the floor -

Maybe it was just old age - ;))

Poor little iron -

She was such a GOOD little iron -

Had to empty her out -

And dig out her replacement -

Now I need -

A replacement for her replacement - ;))

And I had a hard enough time -

Finding the one I have -

So I need your help -

Do any of you know where I can get a new steam iron -


And that doesn't cost a small fortune?

When I need to press something -

I want my iron to be ON!

I had a newer one and didn’t like it -

When I had been sewing for a while -

And tried to press something -

It had turned itself OFF!

That’s CRAP!!

I’m a grown-up -

And am perfectly capable of remembering -

To shut off my iron when I'm done -

I don't need it to do it FOR me - ;))

Anybody know where I can get -

An iron for a grown-up?

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

P.S. Go check out BOB’s two cents - it's on that peachy button over on the sidebar - you KNOW she has something to add - ;))


  1. Every iron I've had lately leaks like a sieve. And they aren't the cheap ones either. Maybe I need to go cheap.

  2. Oh yes!! I HATE that auto shutoff too.


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