Friday, June 1, 2012

New Month - New Plan

Here’s the plan for June -

And you all know what they say about plans -

If you want to make God laugh -

Tell Him your plans.

But - hey - we all need a laugh -

Every now and then -

Including Him - I suppose - ;))

So here goes -

In no particular order -

Work on the next border layout -
Put the pictures in my head -
Down on paper - for a pattern -
Cut the border pieces -
Applique the vines -

Gather up the hearts that I have made so far -
See how many there are -
Figure out what to do with them - ;))

Bring you guys up to date on Blocks #25 - #32 -
Work up some more blocks - Blocks #33 and up -
And - no - I’m not going to show you the "Master Plan" -
But I do plan a total of 99 blocks -
And I promise that it will get more interesting as I/we go along -
Probably should have added - “Mystery” - to the name -
Because you will just have to wait - ;))

TUSAL - 1/2 day -
New Moon on 6/19/12 -
Take photo of my jar and post it -

FMQ - 5 days -
Work up some quilt sandwiches -
Practice - Practice - Practice -

QUILTING - 1/2 day -
Pack up and send off - JRRQ - #2 - and #3 -
Pack up and send off - Jelly Beans -

Wolf Song - write up and post the final story and photos -
JRRQ #1 - write up and post the final story and photos -
Scan older photos for posting -
Convert older stories from all caps to mixed case for blog -
Write up and schedule for future release -

And -

With a cushion of 5 extra days - for “other” stuff -

You know - for “life” - and all of that - ;))

I think that this little list should keep me busy -

And out of bars at night - ;))

You KNOW that I can hear you guys laughing - right? ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Well, can't say I 'laughed' - but sure put a smile on my face. Maybe I should print this post and check it off as you go - that could be my PLAN for the month :-)

  2. I plan on starting "things", thinking about finishing lots of "things" and maybe finishing something!

  3. Wow! You are wearing me out with that list but I hope you stop and take a breath now and again as you carry all that out.

    I have some vague plans but it all starts off with doing a tad of pro bono quilt work. Thankfully this 3 are a whole lot smaller than that QOV I just finished!

  4. enjoyed your blog - as a fellow lefty and a born-again quilter i "borrowed" your button, it rocks!!


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