Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's his name -

When I started to post about my LHQSQ -
Left-Handed Quilter Sampler Quilt -

See the page/tab at the top of my blog -

I think that I said up front - here - that a lot of these blocks have different names -

Or the same name might be different blocks -

Depending on the source of the information -

So far - my blocks have come from EQ7 -

Public domain -

Copyright free -

Ordinary old-fashioned blocks -

And some have the same or similar names -

Block #26 - Churn Dash aka Double Monkey Wrench aka Greek Square
Block #27 - Greek Cross
Block #28 - Grecian Square


You bet - ;))

My bloggy buddy - Linda J and I had a funny conversation the other day -
Life, quilts and a cat too

She commented on my Block #26 - and it went downhill from there - ;))

Linda J -
and Greek Cross is really a 5 x 5 grid--the triangles are much bigger (2 divisions, 1 division and 2 divisions) or at least one version of it is, LOL.

I have one in my mockup for FWS 5th block over from left top row.

Linda J#2 -

no actually you are correct, LOL---I was thinking of Greek Cross!! slightly different but similar. Sorry!

ME -

Greek Cross is coming up tomorrow as LHQSQ - Block #27 - at least my version - as a 9-patch - ;))

ME#2 -

As opposed to Greek CROSS? - ;))

Linda J -

no as opposed to greek square which I swear I have never heard referred to in the churn dash, monkey wrench 9 patches except with the colors of the bars flipped or some such thing. LOL

I'll stay tuned to see what you post next.

ME -

But you didn't say Greek Square - you said Greek Cross first - and then corrected yourself and said Greek CROSS AGAIN - and I was teasing you because you said it AGAIN - ;)) Gotta proof your stuff lady - ;)) Besides - EQ7 is funky with its names - they all look alike to me too. And - just so you know - Greek SQUARE is next up in my little version of this sucker - ;))

ME -

Criminey - now you got me doing it! I meant - GRECIAN Square is coming up next - no more name calling - ;))

Turns out - I’m using EQ7 and she’s using BlockBase -

I think that I said up front that a lot of these blocks have different names -

Or the same name might be different blocks -

Depending on the source of the information -

And I think that we just proved it -

SO -

Whatever I call my block -

Just go with it - OK? -

I can only get so confused -

Before I lose it completely - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I am not usually so dimwitted, LOL.

    1. Me either - but I even got the last bit wrong when I said that "Grecian Square" was coming up next - I meant AFTER "Greek Cross" - I think - ;))


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