Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 10/22/13

Here’s to those who love to make “To Do” lists -

May they consider the following categories - ;))


Today -
Tomorrow -
This Weekend -
Near Future -
Someday -
Maybe Never -

Now -
Sooner -
Later -
Much later -

Before long -
Before I forget -

After this -
After that -
After a while -
After all -

In a minute -
In a pinch -
In my next life -
In your dreams -

I can't wait -
I don' wanna -
I'd rather not -

Only if I have to -

Never mind -
Not in this lifetime -
Twelfth of never -
You can't make me -

When hell freezes over -
When I get a chance -
When I get around to it -
When I get my act together -
When I get money -
When I get time -
When I grow up -
When I lose weight -
When I retire -
When pigs fly -
When the cows come home -
When the kids leave home -

Whenever -

And my personal favorite -

When I d@mn well feel like it - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


  1. I think that, in less than one minute, I have been cured of my list-making fixation.

  2. I make 'to do' list. I think I need to add a reminder in large letters at the very top that says "must read to be useful" I think my favorite on your categories list is the last "when I d@mn well feel like it" :-)

    1. Lists help me remember stuff - and help keep me organized - but you're right - they don't help much if you don't read/use them. When I listed the categories - I kept the best one for last - haha - ;))

  3. HAHA I love your lists. And I've made a few of them. But the one I love the most is that last one! HAHA


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