Thursday, October 3, 2013

QJ - Double Wedding Ring


Wholecloth Preprinted Panel
Hand Tied
King Size - 120" x 120"
Started - August 6, 1996
Completed - February 1997

Made for our daughter’s sister-in-law -
As a wedding gift -

Our daughter volunteered me to make a wedding quilt for her sister-in-law -

I used the wedding invitation as the pattern for the label on the back -

I didn't realize how big it was and barely finished it in time - ;))

QJ - 1997


  1. Oooo Nice! I have two granddaughters getting married next year and I'm trying to come up with a quilt that I can make for both of them. I've thought of this pattern but I'm not sure I could get two done in time. Still thinking.

    1. Thanks, Linda - but I would NOT recommend this pattern - even a cheater-style print like this one. It was one HUGE panel - and all I had to do was TIE it with some embroidery floss - but it was a monster to finish in time. I can't imagine piecing one this large from scratch - and then quilting it - especially with a deadline for completion - ;))


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