Sunday, October 6, 2013

QJ - Brown Thing


Machine Pieced
Hand Appliqued
Machine Quilted
Hand Quilted
38-1/2" x 38-1/2"
Started - February 1997
Completed - April 1997

Pattern - #40156 - Lotus Blossom
Needleart Guild (c) 1985

Made for a local quilt shop contest -
P&B Textiles 1996/1997 -

Madders Quilt Challenge
50% of the fabric used had to be from the Madders Collection -

I had a tough time finding any that coordinated and settled for the brown and red colorway -

I redid the pattern because of the stripes and tried to brighten it up with the red and the floral fabric -

It didn't win - ;))

I never did name it -

I just always referred to it as the “Brown Thing” - ;))

Entered in a local quilt show - January 1998

QJ - 1997

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