Thursday, October 24, 2013

QJ - Bears


Preprinted Book Panel
Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted
Baby Quilt
Completed - January 1998

Made for Grandson #2 -

I took a preprinted panel that was intended for a child's fabric book and cut apart the pages -

I then set the pages as blocks with sashing and borders -

I had to fudge a bit on the second row -

When I was one block short -

And the next part of the story was on the left side -

Of the center page - ;))

I couldn't cut the center page -

And I couldn't rearrange the pages -

Without messing up the story -

So I compensated by moving the Back Page block -

Up to the last block in the second row - ;))

Entered in a local quilt show - January 1999

QJ - 1998

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