Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday - November 27, 2015 -

Do you know what day this is?? - ;))

Is it the Day After Thanksgiving? -
And you ate WAAY too much yesterday -

Or -

Is it Black Friday? -
And you plan to shop until you drop -

Or -

Is it the day that Bonnie Hunter releases her first clue -
For this year's Mystery Quilt? -
And you can't wait to download the clue and start sewing -

Or -

Is it the two-week anniversary of the shooting in Paris -
That killed over 129 people? -
And you still can't wrap your head around why anyone would do that -


I know -

It's ALL of the above -

But -

Your first answer should tell you a little -

About your priorities - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. It is the day we go eat at the other family's get together.

  2. yes it was 'all the above'.... but..... I did Hancock fabrics at 6am and got some smoking deals! Then it was off to Kohls where I saved more than I spent ... Now it's time for a nap :-)

    1. 6AM?? - BOB and I don't DO 6AM - haha - but congratulations on the smoking deals - and enjoy your nap - ;))

  3. it was the first one for me--only that. A friend invited me to their house for dinner but in actuality, we went to a round the corner neighbor's home instead. Good friends of theirs but they didn't tell me this till I got there, thinking I would not go for it. It was a lovely day, a wonderful meal and good company to spend time with. I was happy for the invitation.


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