Saturday, November 7, 2015

Who knew?? -

Those of you who read my blog regularly -

Know that I got a Brother SQ9050 sewing machine -

At Walmart -

A couple of years ago -

And that I call her SuzieQ - ;))

I introduced you to her - HERE -
11/6/12 - Meet SuzieQ

And I did a Review - HERE -
11/10/12 - LHQ - REVIEW - BROTHER 9050 -

And a Review Update - HERE - ;))
11/10/13 - LHQ - REVIEW UPDATE - BROTHER 9050 -

Well - I've had her for three years -

And I just now found the coolest feature EVER!! - ;))

Maybe I shouldn't say - "found" -

Because it WAS there -

When I did my first review -
And then there’s the Start/stop button -
The Reverse button -
The Needle Up/Down button -
The Speed Control -

But just because I mentioned it -

Doesn't mean I knew all about it -

Or even paid any attention to it - ;))

Now for some reason -

Maybe it was divine intervention -

Or maybe someone up there -

Has been watching me chase my foot pedal all over the place -

Anyway - I don't know why -

But something made me look at that button again - ;))

Guess what?? -

It is one of the COOLEST little buttons -

On the WHOLE machine!! - ;))

I HATE chasing the dang foot pedal around -

I have tried no-slip pads -

I have tried stick-ums used to hold down rugs -

I have tried putting it up against something that WON'T move -

And nothing seems to work - ;((

So when I looked at the button -

I thought - what the heck -

Let's try this - ;))

I unplugged the foot pedal -

Because it won't work if the foot pedal is plugged in -

And set the speed control to "Medium" -

Put my quilt block under the presser foot -

Pushed the "Start/stop" button to "Start" it -

And when it got to the "End" of the block -

I pushed the "Start/stop" button to "Stop" - ;))

DUH!! - ;))

No foot pedal chasing!! - ;))

No foot pedal AT ALL!! - ;))

Who knew?? - ;))

Now I'm wondering -

Why did it take me THREE YEARS -

To play with that stinkin' button?? - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I played with it once, but I didn't like losing the speed control I have with the foot pedal. And I like having both hands to guide the fabric and/or remove pins.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Good points, Gene - ;))

Speed control -
I changed the speed control to "Medium" because the "Fast" was too fast for me and I felt like I didn't have control. "Medium" allows me to sew at a more leisurely pace - and I'm usually not "power-sewing" anyway - even with the foot pedal at the "Fast" setting - so "Medium" suits me just fine. I have only tried piecing so far - and I may go back to the foot pedal for FMQ - if I need to vary the speed - ;))

I like having both hands to guide the fabric and/or remove the pins -
I'm the same way - and that is probably why I never tried it in the first place. But - I found that if I guide the fabric with my fingers (which I do anyway) - the button is right above my right thumb - and all it takes is a quick tap to stop the needle when I get to the end of the seam - or when I need to remove a pin. It's right in my line of sight - and I can do it as quickly as I can lift my foot off the pedal - ;))

I may change my mind in the days to come - but I'm going to try it for a while - just for fun - ;))

Katie M. said...

I like using that function when using decorative stitches.... As for taking 3 years to discover it? well, guess maybe because you were too interested in using all the other stuff... Good things come to those who wait - or so I've been told :-)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Katie - that sounds much better than "I was too lazy to REALLY check out my machine" - haha. This machine has a lot more bells and whistles that I still haven't checked out - I wonder what I'll find next - ;))


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