Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lazy way to do labels -

Remember when I did my review on SuzieQ - my Brother SQ9050 - HERE - ?? - ;))

And remember when I said that she had an ALPHABET font for monogramming - or quilt labels?? - ;))

Well - guess what I just remembered?? - haha - ;))

I was trying to think of a way to "label" my little pieces that don't need a REAL "label" like the ones that I put on "quilt" quilts - if you know what I mean - ;))

Anyway - I remembered SuzieQ's alphabet font and dug out the book to "program" in my name and the year. I figured that it would be quick and easy and - if I did it in a "blendy" color - it would be virtually invisible - and it worked!! - ;))

Of course, I had to try it on the 8 blue placemats - I changed everything to the blue thread - found a spot for the "label" - got 7 of the 8 all stitched out - and had the top thread break on me on the "2" of "2016" on the LAST one!! It couldn't just let me get THREE more characters before it decided that it wanted a new needle - oh, well - it played nice the rest of the day - so there's that - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I usually use my embroidery machine to make proper quilt labels. But this could be a good option for a 'quick label' on my usual machine

    1. Thanks for the comment, Gene - I don't have an embroidery machine and usually make "proper" labels using "Sew-in Inkjet Fabric Sheets" - but I didn't want to do that for each placemat. At the same time - I did want to "mark my territory" - so to speak - and to have a reminder of when I made them. As it turns out - they look like I "signed" them similar to the way an artist (like you) would sign a painting - ;))


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