Thursday, November 17, 2016

Quilted -

Turkey Day is quilted - YAY!! - ;))

I did several lines of simple "echo" around the letters -

And had already quilted a "clamshell" design in the "Turkey" strips -

Added a couple of "loops" in each feather -

And ran out of bobbin thread with 1-1/2 feathers to go -
I didn't really want to refill a whole bobbin for that little bit -
So I cheated and used the "gold" bobbin -
You can't really tell the difference in this photo -

But maybe this one will show the difference -
Either way - it's close enough that no one will notice - unless you tell them - ;))

In the brown background I did another few lines of "echo" -
My lines started off pretty straight but very quickly became a bit "organic" -
They would/could have been much straighter if I had used my walking foot -
But I like the imperfect little wiggles -
They give it some character and some home-made charm - ;))

I like how the afternoon light shows off the texture in the quilting - ;))

So - it's quilted - ;))

Tomorrow I plan to make the binding - I usually just do a "straight" binding -

But my bloggy buddy Gene has a neat tutorial on how to do "bias" binding - very cool method -

I want to watch his video again and then give it a try - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. If it is going to be a wall hanging, straight binding is fine. Why? It won't be washed or have as much stress on the edges as a bed quilt.
    But do it anyway if you never have done it before. You will see that it isn't much more work to add years to the edges of you bed quilts.

    1. Thanks, Gene - I have done bias binding before - I just didn't cut it the way you do. Last night I watched your video and cut the "accent" strips using your method - MUCH easier - today I plan to cut the "main color" strips. The "main color" strips are going to be from a striped fabric so the "bias" binding will be perfect for showing off the stripes - ;))


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