Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day - 11/11/16

Today is Veteran's Day -

And I want to say THANK YOU!! -

To ALL of the MEN and WOMEN who ARE SERVING -



In our nation's MILITARY - ;))

I am PROUD to have been the daughter of a World War II Veteran - ;))

Yes, I am a baby boomer - ;))

And I am PROUD to have been the wife of a Veteran who served during the Vietnam War era - ;))


We all know how the recent election results have affected this nation -

And everyone seems to have something to say - one way or the other -

So BOB/I might as well add our/my two cents - ;))

First - let me be perfectly clear -

BOB is not going to say who she did or did not vote for -

Because it's none of your business -


Let's reverse it for a minute - just because -

Let's say that Hillary won -

Would protests of "Not MY President" be seen as sour grapes and sore losers? -

Would it be "racist" to say that the election of Barack Obama was a "black-lash"? -

Would you wonder how many votes were FOR her and AGAINST him - or FOR him and AGAINST her? -

Would the public outcry about the electoral college system be as loud? -
And - by the way - hasn't there been an outcry after EVERY election lately? -

Would bloggers be as free to say that the thought of a Hillary presidency is "stomach-churning"? -

Or that the election results "get ME all twisted up in knots"? -

Would her supporters continue to misspell her name? -

Would her purple pantsuit be seen as a blend of red and blue to make purple as a symbol of uniting the country - or as a "Royal" color that she so rightly deserves? -

Would this country still be so divided? -

Would it be so hard to drop the left/right - black/white - and all the rest of the hyphenated stuff -

And just be AMERICANS -

Who love this country? -

Humans seem to always divide themselves into groups and love to use labels -

My own blog is called "A Left-Handed Quilter" -

To set me apart from those of you who are "Right-Handed" -

But hey -

At the end of the day -

Aren't we are all just Quilters -

Who love to quilt? - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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