Saturday, December 3, 2016

And three more -

From back to front - the "Hearts" for -

Amish Table Runner -
Halloween Cheater Panel -
Thanksgiving Churn Dash -

The cheater panels and charm packs don't leave a whole lot of scraps for making the "Scrap card" and "Heart" - but I did what I could and used some of the "backing" fabrics - that should be enough to jog my "Memory" as to which quilt is represented by which "Heart" - ;))

And I think that catches me up on the ones that are "DONE" -

As in quilted and bound - "DONE" -

So I could work on the "Scrap cards" and "Hearts" for the next batch of tops/flimsys that need backings/bindings/sleeves made - ;))

I keep them both together in a baggie with the scraps and the rest of the fabrics until I have the quilt actually bound -

And once I know I won't need the scraps/fabrics any more -

I update my Scrapbook - put the "Hearts" in the bin for the "Memory Quilt" -

Put the larger pieces of fabric back in my stash -

And then add the scraps to my scrap bins -

To be played with later - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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