Friday, March 3, 2017

Playing with the back -

It's really no secret that I don't like to make "backings" for my quilt tops -

And that's probably why so many wind up as UFOs just sitting in a pile - ;))

I DO like piecing a quilt top, though -

But they usually take me a while and by the time I do that -

I'm bored with the project and decide to chase another "Squirrel" - ;))

So - sometimes I play a little game with myself -

And I pretend that the "backing" is another quilt TOP -

In the same or similar fabrics -

So it tricks my brain -

And I can have some FUN with it -

Instead of it being a chore - ;))

So this time -

I pulled out four of the left-over 2-1/2" strips to save/use for the binding -

And sewed up the little bits and pieces that were lying about -

Made a "strip" of them -

Put the 10" squares up on the design wall - scattered them around -

Along with the left-over sections of the ones that I used to cut the 1-1/2" strips -

Added some red "filler" scraps -

And got this - ;))

I knew that I could make Hourglass Blocks and Flying Geese Units -

With the odd HST and QST -

But I had forgotten that I could also make Pinwheel Blocks - ;))

Now I have no excuse -

Five Stars Plus 5 -

Is ready to fuse/baste and QUILT!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Quilting_Chris said...

I am with you on the whole backing issue. I have several tops stacked up on my cutting table just waiting for the backing to be made so they can be finished. Several squirrels have gotten my attention or perhaps it is the inspiration monkey. They sometimes appear simultaneously.

Gene Black said...

Those squirrels keep me jumping and lots of projects go unfinished.


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