Friday, February 16, 2018

Help me choose -

A sashing color for my Crumby Squares -

I want/need something on the darker side so that when I press the crumb blocks TO the sashing - the fabrics won't "show" through to the top - or at least not "show" as much as possible -

So far the choices are -

#1 - Black -

#2 - Charcoal Gray -

#3 - Brown A -

#4 - Brown B -

#5 - Deep Red -
Deeper and redder than shown in the photo -

#6 - Cheddar -
And I know that Cheddar is a cheese - not a color -
But that's what "they" call it - ;))

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think -

I have a couple of favorites -

But I can't decide -

So I'd like you guys to help me choose - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

Black or cheddar. But I favor black. Frames the blocks nicely, I think. Many of the others fight with what's in the blocks and steal a little of their thunder... But that's just my opinion. You go make what you want!

Katie Z. said...

I like brown A or deep red!

Gene Black said...

I like the BLACK (can't imagine why) or the deep red. But you should follow your heart.

Frog Quilter said...

Black hands down. It always makes the other colors POP! Look at the pictures. 😃

Barb said...

Black or cheddar...

Sherry said...

From the pictures I like the black, the red, or the cheddar. They seem to help the blocks pop a bit more than the other colors.

The Quilt Witches said...

Globe de cheddar volhoud , zo Bright and Sunny!

Leah Woytek said...

I like either the charcoal or cheddar


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