Thursday, February 1, 2018

Some friends are just plain AWESOME -

Last time I posted about my friend, Gene Black, and his video on Cutting Bias Binding - HERE. His video is Right-Handed - so - with his permission - I had done a Left-Handed tutorial - and listed it on my LHQ - Binding page/tab above -

He left me a comment -
The lefties could just watch my video and reverse it to cut left handed (Ouch! don't throw stuff at me!) If I can figure out how to make a video flip for a mirror image, I could convert all of my tutorials to "left-ish"
I replied -
Haha - I can't throw that far!! That would be cool if you could do mirror image videos!! For me, sometimes the "reverse" is mirror image - sometimes it's upside-down - but either way it's "backwards" from the way RH do it.
Earlier today he emailed me that he had figured it out - and gave me a preview -

Here's his NEW video - Cutting Bias Binding - Left Hand Version -

I think he's an AWESOME friend for taking the time to make a "flipped" version for us Lefties - and when this post goes "live" I'll add a link on the LHQ - Binding page/tab at the top of my blog - so we all can find this post and his video - ;))

I repeat -

Some friends are just plain AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! - ;))

THANKS, GENE!!!!!!!!!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

You are most welcome! The point of sharing information is to make it easier for people to do things - right? err... Correct??? LOL

Quilting_Chris said...

Excellent video and explanation. So special that he did it for us left handers. Thank you both.

Julie Fukuda said...

Leave it to Gene!!!


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