Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lost - found - funny noise - and then some -

Lost -

Tuesday, my friend, Gene Black, posted about binding his quilt and re-posted a video he did showing how to cut bias binding - HERE - . I remembered that video - and I remembered asking him if he would mind if I did a tutorial on Cutting bias binding - LEFT-Handed - and he graciously said that I could. I wanted to do a follow-up post and then link back to his blog post (like now) - but do you think I could find my tutorial?!?!? NO. It SHOULD have been the first one listed on my LHQ - Binding page/tab - but it wasn't there. Well, if "I" can't find it - other lefties can't find it either - so I did what I tell other people to do - I did a "search" of my own blog to find an old post - ;))

Found -

Have you ever noticed that at the top of Blogger blogs in the top LEFT-Hand corner - above the blog header and the blog itself - is an "ORANGE box" with a WHITE "B" in it? (You're scrolling back to the top of this page right now to check - aren't you? - LOL - ;)) To the RIGHT of that is a "white box" where you can enter a couple of "search words" to search ANY blog for ANY thing. So that's what I did - I entered "cutting bias binding" - and got THIS - then I did what I should have done way back then - I added the link to the LHQ - Binding page/tab - ;))

I stopped labeling my posts when I discovered this little "lost and found" trick - it saves me time that I would rather spend sewing - and I can find old posts in no time at all. You don't need labels on the blog posts that you read either - you can do a simple "search" the same way I did - ;))

Funny noise -

Then I started to put the binding on Do You See What I See? - after cleaning out the lint and loading a couple of bobbins. Got down one side - turned the corner - and my sewing machine sounded a little funny but I ignored it and got almost to the end of the second side - took a look - and had a "thread mess" on the bottom. I should have stopped when I first noticed it NOT "humming" - so my ripper friend, Jack, and I had a date last night - ;))

And then some -

Finishes -

After my date with Jack, I finished the binding, added the label, and washed it before I took the "glamor" shots -  

I love the crinkly texture after it's washed -

But I had forgotten that I had the "curling" problem when I used the wider "flange" width and had to stitch it down when I made Lavender Lovely - the baby quilt. So I re-cut the binding for Pinwheel Polka Dot - cutting 1/4" off the inner white flange - before attaching that and the label -

And stitched this one down with a decorative stitch while Pinwheel Polka Dot was in the wash -

Pinwheel Polka Dot - before washing -

I had to laugh - I was looking through my "greens" for something to cut down to 10" squares for the corner triangles when I realized that I have a bunch of green 10" squares ALREADY cut - DUH!! So I pulled a stack and sorted through them to find some that probably wouldn't look that good cut into smaller pieces - these two seemed to be just what I wanted - and now they have a new "home" - ;))

So I guess that is "technically" three finishes by the end of this month - ;))

The little Christmas Block 3x2 - Table Runner is really so small it probably shouldn't count -

But 3 sounds better than 2 - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I really thought that the "search box" was something everyone uses - so I rarely label posts.

The lefties could just watch my video and reverse it to cut left handed (Ouch! don't throw stuff at me!) If I can figure out how to make a video flip for a mirror image, I could convert all of my tutorials to "left-ish"

Katie said...

I didnt scroll to see the B and search box! Your quilts are beautiful...minus the thread mess, of course...

Katie Z. said...

Way to go on finishes. Who cares if it’s small? It absolutely still counts!

Julie Fukuda said...

A finish is a finish, no matter the size.


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