Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The first border -

Started off with some "skinny" Lazy 8s - and I got the whole side done before I ran out of bobbin thread - at the VERY end - just before I was going to quilt the corner - talk about PERFECT timing!! -

On the next side - I tried some "fatter" ones a little farther apart - to see if I liked them better - and I don't really. To me, the skinny ones seem to stand up straighter and I like the closer density - but that's just my personal preference - ;))

I'll finish this side with more "skinny" ones - and when I get completely done - I'll be able to compare the "start" section and the "end" section to see if I "improved" as I made my way around the quilt.

It may very well be that my lazy eights will ALWAYS need practice - LOL - ;))

I think the trick is to figure out the angle of the diagonals first - and then if I can try to keep them straight and parallel - the loops at the end should pretty much take care of themselves. I'll test that theory and see how it goes - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

Looking good! I was taught to focus on getting the loops at the top and bottom to stand up straight, but I guess whatever you need to do to keep things moving nicely is just fine. Anything to help deter those mental squirrels that make you (me) forget what I was supposed to be if only I could get the cats to follow suit...

Gene Black said...

I think the lazy 8s look good either way. And I have discovered that once I finish them, I don't look at them as critically as I did when quilting them.


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