Monday, January 1, 2018

Today's progress -

Today I managed to get the pink/white blocks on my Pinwheel Polka Dot quilted -

I used a series of "L" loops varying the size and scale to fit the triangle space - ;))

The curvy loops seem to complement the sharp angles of the piecing quite nicely -

I still need to figure out what if anything to quilt in the narrow green border -

And then quilt the outer pink border -

This year should be a great one to get better at my Free-Motion Quilting -

I have lots of UFOs that need to be quilted and finished - ;))

I'm getting pretty good at keeping my stitch length consistent -

Now if I could only get my spacing and scale/size more consistent -

That would be great! -

But that's what practice is for - right?? -

Baby steps -

I think that I'll eventually get the hang of it -

And then probably wonder why it took me so long - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

Your loops are looking good! My adventure in 2017 with finishing 20 large quilts helped a ton in learning to control my machine to stop where I wanted it steps here, too! I think more loops echoing what you've done in the blocks would look nice in the borders, but that's just me. You do what you think best! I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful!

Gene Black said...

If you get all those quilts you have waiting to be quilted - quilted, you should get very good at all of it


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