Friday, May 4, 2012

Corn on the cob - Again -

My Other Half just came home from the store -

With some Corn on the cob - YUM!!

And -

I don't know if any of you LIKE Corn on the cob –

Or if you have already seen this - or not -

But –

Last year -

I got an email from Judee

With a link to this little video - here -

It is NOT a JOKE!!

This is the COOLEST way to make Corn on the cob –


FOUR minutes each -

For two ears of corn -

In the microwave -

EIGHT minutes TOTAL -

You just gotta see how he gets all of the silk off!!

Shucking Corn with Ken - Clean Ears Everytime

Cool, huh?

We tried it -

And I will NEVER cook Corn on the cob

Any OTHER way again!! ;))

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


  1. Shucking Corn. That was too funny. Love the idea

  2. Now I want to go find some fresh corn - thanks for that link.

  3. Well now isn't that clever!! I'm going to have to get some corn.

  4. You're welcome - you really have to try it - it is just SO EASY!! Just be sure to cut the cooked corn at the bottom ABOVE the curve - if that makes sense. If you cut it too close to the stem - it won't fall out of the shuck. ;))

  5. I'm a BIG corn on the cob lover. I'm just going to have to try this method. Thanks so MUCH for pointing out my oopie on my quilt! I'm so glad I can fix it. I remember when I sewed it up I thought something was wrong but just didn't know what. LOL!! Now I see it. Thanks!!!!

  6. Linda - You are welcome. I really don't like to point out boo-boos on other people's quilts - but I think that sometimes we just need another pair of eyes to see what we can't. I was hoping that you wouldn't mind - and that you still had time to fix it. It really is a cute little wall hanging. ;)) And the corn on the cob method is GREAT - just make sure you don't cut the cooked corn too close to the stem - ;))

  7. DH cooks corn like that all the time, but didn't know about the cut and shake method. He can't wait to try it....grin.

  8. Thank you for reminding me of Ken's method. We did it last year and I agree it is the best way to prepare it. To market, to market to scout out some delicious corn.


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