Friday, May 25, 2012

LHQSQ - Block #22

Another 6” sampler block -

That you can make using -

2-1/2” squares

and HST that FINISH at 2”

Three across and three down -

Variations of the basic NINE-PATCH -

The sewn block will MEASURE 6-1/2” -

And FINISH at 6” -


#22 - Simple Design -

2 dark/light HST (Triangles on a Roll)
1 dark square
3 dark/medium HST
2 DARK/medium HST (a second dark)
1 medium square

You could also make the top left and bottom right corners
From larger triangles -
But - hey -
So far I have managed -
To make all of these blocks -
As nine-patches -
So I made this one -
That way too - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I am beginning to think that I am really slow to catch on to the obvious. Are all of these lessons on HST's, etc. related to a certain book that shows 111 blocks that finish at 6" and the author is a bit touchy about online sharing of construction directions for said blocks?

  2. Karen - I am making my LHQ Sampler Quilt up as I go along - from a bunch of blocks from a variety of sources. All of these blocks are VERY simple - and VERY basic - and public domain blocks in a standard size. They are copyright-free - and found in hundreds of books and on EQ7. So far I am just using squares and HST - but I will be adding other stuff as I go along. I'm trying to show people how EASY it is to break a block down - into a 9-patch (or a 4-patch) - and that drafting your own block - in your own size - is not really that hard. You just have to be able to SEE it - and that's what I am trying to show people. ;))


I love reading your comments -
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