Thursday, May 24, 2012

LHQSQ - Block #21

Another 6” sampler block -

That you can make using -

2-1/2” squares

and HST that FINISH at 2”

Three across and three down -

Variations of the basic NINE-PATCH -

The sewn block will MEASURE 6-1/2” -

And FINISH at 6” -


#21 - Maple Leaf #2 -

For this version I used a Sew-and-Flip method -
I had 2 light HST triangles cut from my die -
So I sewed two of them to the corners of two strips -
But since you may not have the die -
You may use 2 light squares instead -

The top row will be -
1 light square -
2 dark/light HST

The middle row will be -
1 dark strip - 2-1/2” x 6-1/2” - with either a HSTriangle or square sewn to the LEFT BOTTOM corner

The bottom row will be -
1 dark strip - 2-1/2” x 4-1/2” - with either a HSTriangle or square sewn to the LEFT BOTTOM corner
1 light square

I started with the top row -
And used my “Triangles on a Roll™” -
For the two dark/light HST -

I cut a square of the paper for two HST -
And an oversized chunk of the dark and light fabrics -
Layered the fabrics - right sides together -
Put the paper on top -
And sewed on the dashed lines -

Cut them apart on the solid line -
Tore off the paper -
Pressed them open -
And squared them up to 2-1/2” -
Using my Easy Square Jr. -

For the middle and bottom rows -
I placed a HSTriangle - right side down -
On each of the dark strips -
And sewed on the diagonal -
From corner to corner -

If you use squares instead -
Just layer one light square - right side down -
On the LEFT end of each of the dark strips -
And sew from one corner of the square to the other -
Just watch the direction of the seam - ;))

Press the light triangle open -
Check to see if it matches -
The bottom corner of the strip -
Before trimming the fabric underneath -

The one on the right will have to be “unsewn” -
And redone -
It’s just a tad short -

There - that’s better -

Trim the dark fabric from underneath -
(And the extra fabric from the square - if you used one)

Lay out the rows -

And then sew the block together -
Just like normal - ;))

OR -

You could just make it with squares and HST - ;))

4 dark/light HST
3 dark squares
2 light squares -

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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Linda in Arkansas said...

Gotta love those HST! So many combos - so many blocks!


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