Thursday, April 4, 2013

BOB and Jay -

BOB likes Jay Leno and his "Tonight Show" -

And BOB thinks that Jay is getting screwed -


By the network - ;))

His ratings are high -

But yet they want to replace him -

With someone “younger” -

In order to get the “younger” audience - ;))

What about BOB??? -

BOB is a member of the “older” audience -

So what is she??? - Chopped liver??? -

And what is she supposed to watch??? - ;))

Jay is one of the few shows on that network -

That BOB actually watches -

Because BOB doesn’t watch “reality" shows -

If she wants “reality” -

She’ll talk to family or friends - ;))

So I guess that BOB and I will not be watching -

Any more late night TV -

And will be going to bed a bit earlier -

Which suits me just fine - ;))

And if Jay shows up on another network -

BOB and I will be there -

As a member of his “older” audience -

To cheer him on - ;))

By the way -

Didn’t you network guys try this before -

With some red-headed guy??? -

Remind me -

How did that work out for you??? - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


  1. I don't watch 'late night' TV because I'm a morning person (translate to mean I'm in bed by 10pm!) But...I totally dislike reality shows and the comedy crap that is on today.. well, it's just that , C*^* - and that is just my opinion :-)

    1. Thanks, Katie! - BOB is a night owl so I will probably catch up on my reading instead. And I agree with you - today's so-called "comedy" shows are completely "unfunny" to me - ;))

  2. Well, that is something I don't watch either but maybe Jay should come to Japan where the whole population is aging. To appeal to the younger generation would sure cut viewing numbers! Weird!

    1. The funniest part is that they tried the SAME thing a while back - it ended with the network paying the "red-head" a ton of $$$ and Jay went back to his same old time slot doing the same old thing. It's like the network guys have the memory of a gnat - and it IS weird - ;))

  3. network people as in the snot nose kids that seem to exist everywhere in any job?? Legitimate beef.

    We'll see! I don't watch any of them as a rule---Daily Show and Colbert Report if I do manage to stay awake long enough or whatever interests me on our sat package till it runs out of the 3 months free.

    1. I predict a replay of the last fiasco - but with Jay going to another network. Hopefully it will be the same time slot and format - then BOB can just change the channel and continue to watch as usual - ;))


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