Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 4/30/13

Here’s to Quilt Bloggers -

Who use light colors for the words on their blogs -
With little or no contrast with the background -
Making them difficult to read, too -

May they someday learn the value of contrast -
And never need tri-focals either - ;))


I may have a fix for this one -

It’s a bit more complicated -

Than the one I told you about last week -

And may or may not work on your computer -
I have Firefox - and if you don't - it may not work -

But here goes - ;))

At the top left of your screen should be a list -

File - Edit - View - History - Bookmarks - Tools - Help

Choose Tools -
You should get a drop-down box with another list -

Choose Options -
That should take you to another box with tabs across the top -

General - Tabs - Content - Applications - Privacy - Security - Sync - Advanced

Choose Content -
You should get another box with a list of stuff -

In the middle of this list is - Fonts and Colors -
And to the right of this are two choices - Advanced and Colors -

Choose Colors -
You can change the colors for the items shown -
By clicking on the color box and then clicking on a different color -

But you’re looking for the box and line at the bottom that says -
- (Box) - Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above


UNCHECK that box -

Click on OK at the bottom -
That should take you back to the Option Box -

Click on OK again -
That should take you back to where you were -

And the pages will NOT be allowed to choose their own colors, instead of your selections - ;))

This should obliterate any weird textures -

Or funky backgrounds -

On some blogs -

But it should also obliterate -

All of the COOL colors and backgrounds -

On others -

So to change it back to “Normal” -

Go to Tools - Options - Content - Colors - and CHECK the box -
To ALLOW pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above

Then click OK - OK -
To get back to where you were - ;))

This sounds harder than it actually is -

And may be a hassle -

But it IS an option - ;))

And - it may not help with the blogs -

That have moving and/or scrolling bits - ;))

All I can say is -

Some blogs are REALLY hard to read -

And -

I - for one - WON’T read it -

If I CAN’T read it -

Unless I REALLY like your blog -

And then maybe I will - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


Linda J said...

I guess people are just doing something that they think is creative?? They don't have a problem with it so assume that others don't either.

The ones that annoy me are those that play music (especially genres that would not be my first choice) and you cannot find the spot to shut it off until you have scrolled the entire length of the page and then some. Persnickety that way. I use sage feeds a good bit and that eliminates a lot of the personalization until I am ready to comment.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

This may be another case of "the eye of the beholder" - and don't get me wrong - I don't mind "creative" - that's what quilters DO - but I think that sometimes the "audience" should dictate the "creative" choices. I can't be the only one having trouble reading some blogs - ;))


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