Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Progress Report - 4/17/13

I haven’t been blogging much lately -

I have been SEWING -

Wow - what a concept!

I kept working on the Red Christmas Embroidery Blocks -
For a couple more days -

I got the table topper - 1 x 3 all laid out -
Ornament - Tree - Gift -

Then proceeded to sew them together WRONG -

First I sewed the “Gift” block wrong side up -
The heart is supposed to be to the LEFT of the gift -
And the thread knots are supposed to be on the underneath side - ;))

Then I sewed it to the WRONG side of the Tree -

Of course I didn’t realize that it WAS wrong side up -
Until I had it all together -

So - after I fixed that -
I worked on the table topper - 3 x 3 -

And sewed THREE of them WRONG side up as well - ;))

About that time I decided to take a nap -
And when I got up -
I realized that I had only sewn TWO of them wrong side up -
So I fixed them - ;))

The next day -
I added the sashes to the rest -
Decided to worry about the borders later -
And packed up all of the blocks - ;))

The next day -
I took a break and sewed a bunch of Dresden Plate twosies -
I’ll sew them into foursies later - ;))

Then I switched to LHQSQ blocks -

Block #81 - Scrappy Trip -

Block #82 - Flagstones -

And now I’m working on -

Block #83 - Four by Three -

Because I started with the simpler blocks -

And then let them get progressively more complex -

I’m at the end now with all of the more complex blocks - ;))

And because they are more complex -

And I find it easier to Foundation Paper Piece them -

Each one is taking me a bit longer to do -

Because each one of these suckers -

Is like Foundation Paper Piecing NINE separate 2” blocks - ;))

By the way -

Speaking of Foundation Paper Piecing -

I don’t remember if I told you or not -

Last year I spent HOURS playing in EQ7 -

Working up my version of the foundation -

For Bonnie Hunter’s “Wild and Goosey” block -

Only to find out that it was a standard - public domain block -

Already INCLUDED in EQ7 -

EQ7 - 01 Classic Pieced - Five Patch - #38 - Geese in a Row -

So I chose a size -

Printed up some foundations -

And made four of them - ;))

Since then I have been waiting patiently -

For the Quiltmaker magazine to come out -

To see how close I came - ;))

When my copy arrived last week -

I checked -

And -

My foundation is RIGHT ON!! - ;))

Who knew?? - ;))

Now BOB is wondering -

If she can print out four foundations -

Of a standard - public domain block from EQ7 -

Set them together with a center strip going both ways -

And a center square -

And then have Quiltmaker publish it -

As an original block - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

Embroidered blocks - oh yeah, done that a few times... Sometimes I do have a hard time distinguishing right/wrong side. I will take a pencil and make just a small mark in the seam allowance on the wrong side....
As for BOB being published..... that would be awesome - just be sure to name it something else.... :-)

Linda C said...

Oh I could say something extremely snarky about the public domain block, being published as some new concept. We all know it isn't but it is a nice scrappy quilt that can be foundation pieced more easily than standard methods, I think. Can't wait to see your scrappy version as I am highly unlikely to get this magazine issue to see hers.

Sorry that the redwork block sewing was not going so well. Some days are like that. Did you say that it went better after the nap??

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I was moving right along - worried about the geese going the right/correct way - and then SURPRISE!! - ;)) Now I know to pay more attention to which way is UP - haha. And the chances of BOB ever being published are slim to none - that's why she has a blog - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

YES - the redwork block sewing went much better after my nap, thank you - now I know to pay more attention to which way is UP - ;)) The LHQSQ blocks are going VERRRRRRRRRRRRRY slowly - but I figure that if I just keep chugging away - they will be done someday - ;))


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