Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 4/23/13

I think that for the next few weeks -

On Tuesdays -

BOB will offer a small toast -

To Quilting Bloggers -

Everywhere - ;))

It will be called -

BOB’s Tuesday Toast -

Here is the first one - ;))


Here’s to Quilt Bloggers -
Who use small fonts on their blogs -
Making them difficult to read -
May they always have 20/20 vision -
And never need tri-focals - ;))


BOB wears tri-focals -

And finds these blogs -

Extremely difficult to read -


BOB has a trick -

That she uses on these blogs - ;))

It works on her laptop -

And may or may not work on your computer -

So she offers it here hoping -

That maybe it does - ;))

Try this -

Hold down the CONTROL key -
Bottom left corner on my laptop -


While holding it down -

Hit the PLUS key once or twice -
Top row after the number keys -
Or the ADD key if you have a numeric keypad -

It should enlarge the text a bit with each “hit” - ;))

Then -

To return back to “normal” size -

Hold down the CONTROL Key -


While holding it down -

Hit the MINUS key once or twice -
Top row after the number keys -
Or the SUBTRACT key if you have a numeric keypad -

It should reduce the text a bit with each “hit” - ;))

It works on my laptop -

And I use it -

If I like the blog -

But not the size of the font - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


  1. small fonts are one thing, but what about the blogs that have the backgrounds that have colors or textures?? I have come across a few that are really hard to read because of color or simply the busy background....

    1. You're getting ahead of me - that's next week's toast - ;))

  2. It works! Does it work to make pictures larger too!
    Actually, being very nearsighted, I only have to remove my glasses and can see almost any print... except those blurry numbers in the word verification, and I can push the arrow until there is something I can figure out.

    1. YAY! I'm not sure if it works on pictures - but sometimes if you click on the photo shown on a blog - it will go to "full screen" and show a bit larger. I say "sometimes" because if you click on any photo on MY blog - it won't work - because I re-size all of my photos down before I post them to save on Picasa/Google storage space - ;))

  3. Oh I am liking this hint! Never knew that so it is a keeper. Conversely I just tried it and it looks like I can use the negative/minus sign to make the font smaller for those blogs that need it. The ones that my newly fixed eyes can read from clear across the room? THX, BOB!

    1. You are VERY WELCOME - now if I could just figure out what to do with the ones that have funky backgrounds and moving and/or scrolling bits - BOB would be a happy camper - ;))


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