Saturday, April 27, 2013

BOB has a prescription -

BOB has been going around -

And around -

And around -

With the doctor’s office -

And the pharmacy -

And the insurance company -

Trying to get a prescription filled - ;))

It seems that -

The pharmacy can fill it -

If they have prior authorization -

From the insurance company - ;))

The insurance company will provide -

The prior authorization -

If the doctor’s office -

Will answer some questions first - ;))

The doctors’ office called BOB for the answers -

To the questions that are in THEIR file -

Say whaaaaattttt????

Why are you calling ME?? -

YOU have my file!! -

YOU answer the dang questions!! -

Dealing with the insurance companies -

And -

Getting the authorization is YOUR job!! -

That’s why I gave you my insurance cards -

When I came to see you -

In the first place!! -

I repeat -

The insurance authorization -

And billing crap is YOUR job!! -

BOB has been waiting THREE WEEKS -

For some meds -

And is NOT HAPPY!! -

BOB has insurance -

So that BOB can go to the doctor -

The doctor can write BOB a prescription -

Fax it to the pharmacy -

And BOB can get it filled - ;))

BOB doesn’t care about -

All of the crap in the middle -

That’s YOUR job -

And if BOB has to do YOUR job -

BOB wants your check - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


Katie M. said...

This deals with so many 'professional services'. My Dr. wanted to change my prescription. He explained why then asked me, "what do you think?" I answered with, "You're the doctor and I pay you to tend to my health needs. What do YOU think?" WE changed my prescription.... Sure makes you wonder sometimes, doesn't it?!

Linda said...


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

BOB often wonders about the younger generation - but the general incompetence of medical office staff these days is just plain SCARY - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

It seems that BOB is constantly dealing with the Medical Billing and Authorization School graduating class of last week - who hasn’t got a clue how to solve a problem. BOB wonders if it will catch up with them when they get to be BOB’s age and have to deal with people even more incompetent than they are. Too bad BOB won’t be around to see it - it would be fun to watch - ;))


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