Thursday, May 2, 2013

MAY already -

This is MAY ALREADY?!?! -

Good grief -

The year is almost HALF over - ;))

Before you know it -

It will be the Fourth of July -

Then Labor Day -

Halloween -

Thanksgiving Day -

And Christmas - AGAIN - ;))

I seem to be running out of year already -

And it just started - ;)

So - where am I?!?! -

Lazy Lefty 9-Patch -
The experiment continued -

I made a couple of more sets -
Solid red/orange -
And a solid turquoise -

And separated them into piles -
Positive and negative -

I tried some layouts -

Same fabric -
Positive and negative in opposite corners -
With SMALLER CORNER in the middle -

Same fabric -
Positive and negative in opposite corners -
With LARGER CORNER in the middle -

And some others -
That I won’t bore you with now - ;))

Let’s just say that I have to make -
A whole bunch more 9-patches -
Before they will even begin to look -
Like the picture that I have in my head - ;))

And I’m getting bored again -
So I think that I will work on them -
A few at a time -
While I chase some other “Squirrels” - ;))

May Sudoku Quilt -
I “cut and kitted” the May Sudoku Quilt a while ago -
And it’s May now -
So I should probably work on this one -
Soon - ;))

I need to figure out a Christmasey something -
To work on this month -
For the "Race" - ;))

I cheated in April -
And didn't work on LTRTCWSA at the end of the month -
Because of the slop-over from March -
At the beginning of the month -

But this is May -
I need something for May - ;))

Floral Applique -
Before I start work on the borders -
I need to do some math -
Oh, the horror!! - ;))

And I need to find one of my rulers -
I could have sworn that I had a special one -
That would be “perfect” for this project -
But who knows where it is hiding these days - ;))

I have the book -

And I have the fabric -

Now I just need to DO IT!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda J said...

You crack me up---do the math, the horrors. But seriously it is not rocket science, folks. How I wish people would learn to draft a basic block and think in terms of grids! Seek verification of your numbers, yes but at least try to figure it out first. add 7/8 to the finished size of the square for HST and 1 1/4 inch for QST---that should be etched in every quilter's brain!

Linda J said...

Also these sort of remind of a block in Marti Michell's "Quilts for people who still don't have time to quilt" book. Hers were more pronounced though. I think she called them No Name Four patch Duo but I never understoof that name as they are really just an asymmetrical nine patch. That is how I went about piecing my version way back when---strip pieced sections.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I totally agree - a block is only a box/square/rectangle cut up into pieces - so all you have to do is pick a size - any size - draw it out - cut it up - then sew it back together.

The "border math" is just to space out the "elements" in a "pleasing" manner - haha.
The top - with sashings - measures 46 x 58 - so I'm thinking maybe three sections of 15" on the top and bottom and 4 sections of 15" on the sides - with a little fudging in between - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I have Marti Michell's book - but didn't use it for this experiment. I figured this block has probably been done before - by somebody somewhere - and is most likely NOT original - but it is for me - ;))

As far as goofy names are concerned - I see patterns calling a particular block a "Half-Log Cabin" block. The block has the "square" in the corner and the "logs" on two sides. I defy anyone to take two of these blocks and make a "whole" Log Cabin block. I would need four of them - so I think that it is actually a "Quarter-Log Cabin" block - not "Half" - but then again - it's probably just me - ;))


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