Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 5/14/13

Here’s to Quilt Bloggers -

Who live in other countries -
And in other parts of this country -
And give me a glimpse of their world -
And liven my day -

May they continue to do so - ;))


I LOVE reading blogs -

It's like talking/listening to old/new friends - ;))

Some bloggers live VERY far away -

And some lead VERY different lives -

And I like to read about what they are doing -

And how they are doing it - ;))

I have “met” bloggers from -

Australia -

Hungary -

Japan -

And other countries -

And other parts of this country - ;))

Some of us “talk” regularly -

By leaving each other comments -

And sending emails back and forth - ;))

It sure beats having a HUGE phone bill -

Like in the “olden” days - ;))

And then there are those blogs -

Where I just "listen" - ;))

You aren't allowed to disagree -

Or point out an apparent lack of common courtesy -

Or say anything remotely "negative" -

Even if it looks like -

One of their blocks -

Is going the wrong way -

Or their math is wrong -

Or they're just full of crap -

So I bite my tongue -

Save my thoughts for a BOB post -

And move on - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


Julie Fukuda said...

The nice thing is, if you disagree, you don't HAVE to say anything. In fact, you don't even have to read it uf you can see it is going somewhere you don't want to go.

Linda said...

ROFL I was wondering what had gotten into BOB when I first started reading. Such a sweet complimentary post.
.... and then BOOM!... there she is. I now have to clean the spewed coffee off my computer. You absolutely crack me up!!!
And now I have to go searching for the block that Is going the wrong way . hahaha

Katie M. said...


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You're right, Julie - that's one of the best parts. Unlike a phone call where you are expected to respond - I can hit the "back" button VERY quickly - and file away the topic for some other time - if I want to address it at all - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

BOB can be VERY sweet - just don't mess with her - ;)) And it isn't your block going the wrong way - you know that BOB would tell you if it was - haha - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

It's not your block either - ;))

Linda C said...

I love BOB mostly because BOB says what she thinks like the irascible coot I am probably going to be one day. Call them like you see them. So if some are getting a little too full of themselves (and will remain nameless, we are on to you and no need to stop and read THAT one. I would not discount any friendship I have made over the last 7 years that came from blogging though.

PS I don't think it is my block that is wonky THIS time as I am doing all this "don't ask, don't tell" sort of work lately. You did help me see when one was spinning backward in the past though! I knew something was wrong but what??

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda - BOB tries to call them like she sees them. And it's not your block either - it was one I saw a LONG time ago - and I just kept my mouth shut - figured he/she would see it eventually - ;))

Miranne said...

Ha, ha -
thanks for being just the person you are. Personality shows - more clearly in some blogs than in others :o)

Greetings from a regular Norwegian "leftie" reader

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Miranne - BOB forgot to add "Norway" to the list - ;))


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