Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vines - Decorative Stitch

Before I invested in a bias tape maker -

And made yards -

And yards -

And yards -

Of bias -

I decided to retest the 1/4” green marble -

100% cotton -

Iron-on fusible tape - ;))

Key words being - COTTON - IRON-ON and FUSIBLE - ;))

I tested a closer trim -

Three of my sewing machines -

A variety of presser feet -

A variety of needles -

And a variety of stitches - ;))

I won’t bore you with all of the details -
You're welcome - ;))

But I had originally thought -

That I could/would stitch the tape -

Using a twin needle -

One run down the length of the tape -

Two lines of stitching -

Done - ;))


Twin needle stitching -
3MM and 4MM -

On such narrow tape -

Was VERY hard to keep straight -

The tape was thick -

It skipped stitches -

And the fabric pulled and puckered -

So I decided on -

SuzieQ -

A single needle -

And a decorative stitch - ;))

One thing I noticed -

All of my samples were sewn -

With the Dark Gray on the LEFT -

And the Light Gray on the RIGHT -


Because this stitch is directional -

And I want it to flow around the corner -

I don’t want to have to shove the entire quilt top -

Under the sewing machine arm -

In order to maintain the stitch direction -

I need to REVERSE it - ;))

If I stitch the tape down -

With the Dark Gray on the RIGHT -

The outer edge of the border -

Will be under the sewing machine arm -

And the bulk of the quilt will be to my LEFT -

As I sew around the corners - ;))

I’m SO glad I realized that -

BEFORE I got to the corners - ;))

And YES -

I also realize that I did, indeed -

Do a decorative stitch -

All over the dang thing - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. what did we do before decorative stitches? I don't want to know.... because this girl would not have done all those embroidery stitches by hand on those 'crazy quilts'... Now I use the machine and those stitches!! Looking forward to seeing this quilt when you're done...

    1. Thanks, Katie - it should be a pretty quilt - if and when I EVER finish it - ;))

  2. Oh yes!! I definitely like the decorative stitch instead of the double needle. Nice!

    1. Thanks, Linda - it wasn't faster - but the booboos don't show as much - ;))

  3. More trial and error it looks like. No one will ever accuse you of not being prepared and testing out the alternatives.

    I just got my post scheduled to go up with my blog hop pieces. You have a shout out coming your way for your border suggestions. Wait till tomorrow to go look or after 9 pm, LOL

    1. Sometimes I think I have "analysis paralysis" - but I REALLY don't like surprises - ;))

      And thanks in advance for the shout-out - sometimes I have a good idea - gotta get 'em while they're hot - haha - ;))


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