Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BOB is curious -

I recently received my copy of -
Quilters Newsletter
June/July 2013 - No. 434

And as I scanned the articles -

I found on page 58 -

Fusique(TM): Fused Reverse Applique -
Quiltmaker’s Work Shop -
By Linda Everhart -
A streamlined approach to reverse applique results in two projects for the price of one.

After making a complex reverse applique quilt, I developed a streamlined technique to make the same beautiful quilt. I trademarked the technique, Fusique(TM), a method of doing fused reverse applique. Start your Fusique(TM) fun with this table topper. You’ll trim the time required to create the reverse applique with the aqua scroll and get a bonus: the remaining black applique motif makes a second table topper when appliqued to a blue background.

Now - no offense to Linda -

And I am no expert in trademarks -

But I’m curious -

As to how this technique is different from -

Stacy Michell’s -

2 for 1 Hawaiian Applique
Shades Textiles - HERE -
Pre-Fused with Shades SoftFuse
Pre-Cut with Accu-Quilt Studio Cutter
Pre-Washed Kona Cotton for Quality Applique

Granted - Stacy's is pre-cut -

But both are basically one cut -

Two shapes -

One positive -

One negative -

So it looks to me -

Like this "trademarked" technique -

Has been done before -

I'm just sayin'... - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


  1. I'm no expert, but I'm thinking that what Linda trademarked was the name "Fusique", not necessarily the technique???? It goes back to that idea of how does one copyright a certain block that has been done for a hundred years, except 'that' someone gave it a different name, printed it in a book or used a different fabric...... Ah, the world of art and creation.

    1. I agree - but she said that "I (she) trademarked the technique, Fusique(TM), a method of doing fused reverse applique." Sounds like she trademarked the technique to me - but what do I know? - ;))

  2. We machineless folks would probably not even have noticed. Interesting to contemplate though.

    1. Maybe that IS the difference, Julie - Stacy's is pre-cut by machine and Linda's method is cut by hand - ;))

  3. Oh the pondering going on!! LOL

    1. Keeps me out of bars at night - haha - ;))

  4. Good point there, BOB! I guess we should all be glad we are not copyright attorneys. But then we might be better versed in these matters if we were. It gives me a headache!

    1. Me, too!! - BOB can't help but notice stuff like this - and it usually makes my head hurt - so I throw it out there to see if it IS just me - ;))

  5. Aloha! So glad I found this thread. The technique is to cut carefully on the line, only on the line, and exactly on this line. Careful cutting is not quite something that can be legally protected. Thank you for the shout out and the post, and the correct history.

    1. Aloha! Thanks for the info, Stacy - you come up as a "no-reply" commenter - so I will reply here if you don't mind. ( I have NO idea how to get to your email - or reply to your comment - with Google+ - UGH!!) Anyway - you are most welcome for the shout out and the post, and the correct history. One of these days I have to make your Hawaiian Applique pillows - but who knows which day that will be - haha. Just curious - how did you find me? - ;))


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