Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BOB won -

BOB read this on a blog a couple of weeks ago -
If you have not read The Giving Quilt yet, it will be available in paperback from Plume on April 2nd. I have two copies to give away, as well as a few other prizes which have been given to me by the publisher. If you would like to win one of the prizes, leave a comment answering the question “(insert question here)?” I will draw names on (insert date here).
So BOB left a comment answering the question -

And when the blogger posted a list of the winners -

BOB’s name was included - ;))

She sent me an email - Have you read the book yet?

I answered - Not yet - but it’s on my list - ;))

She came back with - I need your address to mail your prize to, thanks!

I gave it to her and said - THANKS!!

Then I get the email - Your pin is in the mail! Wear it proudly!


BOB doesn’t wear pins!! -

I responded with -
Pin??? - What pin??? - I thought that I had won a copy of the book - ;))

I know that it was a snarky reply -

And that I probably should have said “Thank you” -

And been grateful that I won anything at all -

But -

How disappointing!!!

If I had known that it was a pin -

I could have saved her the postage - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


  1. ROFLOL!!!! Now that's going to make me scour the web looking for contests to enter!! hahaha
    Oh where are my manners?
    Congratulations on your awesome win. ;o)

    1. Thanks, Linda! - I thought it would be awesome, too! - should have read the fine print - ;))

  2. Don't look a Gifthorse in the mouth!

    1. You're right - but I was thinking more along the lines of "bait and switch" - ;))

  3. Aw, gee! I hope it came with an interesting stamp on the envelope.

    1. Nope! - Just a U.S. Postage Paid bar-coded stamp from the US Post Office. It cost her over two bucks to mail it to me! And the lady probably had to make a special trip to the post office to mail all of the "prizes" - so I sure hope that the "publisher" made it worth her while to host the "contest" in the first place - ;))

  4. I don't see any mention of a pin in that paragraph---odd. No wonder BOB is a little surprised and disappointed.

    1. Thanks, Linda - I didn't either - and I thought that she was asking if I had read the book to make sure that she was giving one to someone who hadn't read it yet - silly me - ;))


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